LAUNCH: Introducing the AI Localism Repository

Uma Kalkar
Jun 9 · 1 min read

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. As this technology advances — both in its complexity and ubiquity across our societies — decision-makers must address the growing nuances of AI regulation and oversight. Early last year, The GovLab’s Stefaan Verhulst and Mona Sloane coined the term “AI localism” to describe how local governments have stepped up to regulate AI policies, design governance frameworks, and monitor AI use in the public sector.

While top-level regulation remains scant, many municipalities have taken to addressing AI use in their communities. Today, The GovLab is proud to announce the soft launch of the AI Localism Repository. This living platform is a curated collection of AI localism initiatives across the globe categorized by geographic regions, types of technological and governmental innovation in AI regulation, mechanisms of governance, and sector focus.

We invite visitors to explore this repository and learn more about the inventive measures cities are taking to control how, when, and why AI is being used by public authorities. We also welcome additional case study submissions, which can be sent to us via Google Form.

Lastly, we would like to thank the Institute for the Ethics of AI for their support in designing this initiative.

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