State of Open Data Policy Summit Releases Full Agenda

Last month, The Open Data Policy Lab (a collaboration between The GovLab and Microsoft) announced its intention to host a State of Open Data Policy Summit. This event, the first of its kind, will explore the ways that leaders in the public and private sectors are fostering data openness and data reuse in the areas they work. It will not just survey the landscape but identify promising developments and articulate principles for the future.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been hard at work assembling a list of speakers who can speak to the real challenges and opportunities facing the field, who can help us foster responsible, effective, and legitimate reuse in the public interest. We’re happy today to announce that we’ve found a robust, international cohort who can do just that.

In addition to our keynote speakers, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Microsoft Vice President and Chief Data Scientist Juan Ferres, we have organized a panel for the public sector and the private sector. The participants range from senior officials at the Creative Commons and AfroLeadership to Roche and JP Morgan Chase. All of the participants possess a wealth of experience on data and are well-positioned to lead efforts to establish a third wave of open data.

We invite you to look at the agenda below to learn more about each session and the panelists. A GoogleDoc version of the agenda can also be found here. Registration for the event can be found here.


11:00–11:05 AM ET: Welcome — Stefaan Verhulst

Stefaan welcomes the attendees to the first annual State of Open Data Policy event and provides a brief explanation of the Open Data Policy Lab, including its work in fostering the third wave of open data.

11:05–11:20 AM ET: Public Sector Keynote Address — US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand talks on the policies needed to promote responsible and effective data openness that can improve people’s lives.

11:20 AM–12:20 PM ET: Strengthening Open Data Demand: Policies to Foster Open Data at the Global, National, Regional, and Local Level

Drawing from panelists’ experiences and recent legislative efforts, this panel will explore ways that actors in the public sector at the local, regional, national, and global level can use policy to promote open data. Panelists will explore ways to build and open datasets, promote awareness of open data across sectors, and foster a responsible data ecosystem.


  • Stefaan Verhulst, Co-Founder & Chief Research and Development Officer, The GovLab (moderator)
  • Catherine Stihler, CEO, Creative Commons
  • Charlie Martial Ngounou, Executive President, AfroLeadership
  • Jiri Pilar, Legal and Policy Officer, European Commission
  • Barbara Ubaldi, Digital Government and Open Data Lead, OECD

12:20–12:35 PM ET: Private Sector Keynote Address — Microsoft Vice President and Chief Data Scientist Juan Ferres

Juan Lavista Ferres discusses the policies that need to be adopted by the private sector to facilitate responsible data openness and data re-use to improve people’s lives.

12:35–1:35 PM ET: Institutionalizing Open Data in the Private Sector: Policy Options and Innovative Practices

This panel will explore the best policies for private-sector companies to adopt to promote data openness in the areas they work. It will specifically interrogate whether there are general standards and practices that can be adopted across sectors to improve access to datasets; what actions are needed to ensure this data use promotes the rights of data subjects; and how data reuse might support institutional interests.


  • Andrew Young, Knowledge Director, The GovLab (moderator)
  • Ioana Stoenescu, Government Affairs Manager, Roche
  • Fiona Greig, Managing Director and Co-President, JP Morgan Chase Institute
  • Caroline Louveaux, Chief Privacy Officer, Mastercard
  • Brennan Lake, Vice President of Social Impact,

1:35–1:45 PM ET: Closing Remarks — Stefaan Verhulst

Stefaan concludes the summit by summarizing points from the two panels and keynotes.




Responsible Data Leadership to Address the Challenges of the 21st Century

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