Michelle Winowatan
May 14 · 2 min read

When: Tue, May 21, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm

Where: 2 MetroTech Center, 8th Floor — 800 Lecture Hall, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Open government data — and the attendant excitement over its potential — emerged as an asset for social good a decade or so ago. Over the last ten years, open data practice has developed alongside related trends including the rise of big data and adoption of new analytical methods to derive insights and innovations from that data. Open data has both fueled these trends, and been linked with ideas of open source and open innovation to provide a vision of more open and participatory models of governance and public value creation.

So where do we stand now? And where do we go from here? And perhaps, more importantly, how do we respond to the changing landscapes of data and governance: providing access to new data sources, going beyond “low hanging fruit” and bringing in data from the private sector, through both open data and data collaborative approaches?

The GovLab will host a panel discussion to review the current state of Open Data, Data Collaboratives and Data Stewardship. It coincides with the release of The State of Open Data: Histories and Horizons, a book project that has brought together over 60 authors, including members of The GovLab, to review the evolution of open data. The book addresses the impact of open data in different regions and sectors, and amongst different stakeholder groups: exploring not only the challenges, but also the progress achieved in work to get the greatest value from open data.

In addition, the panel will explore emerging responses to data and governance that build on experiences from the last decade of open data open data through new models of data collaboration and data stewardship. This will draw on The GovLab’s research across the globe, and on the experience of data leaders in New York.

In particular, panelists will consider:

  • Progress and challenges in using open data toward transforming governance, solving public problems and empowering;
  • Private and public sector engagement with open data across the world;
  • Data collaboratives, and the rise of data stewardship;
  • Technical, legal and cultural barriers to adopting new models, and approaches to navigate risk; and
  • Best practices for sustainable impact from open and shared data.

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Tim Davies, The State of Open Data Co-Editor
  • Tariq Khokhar, Managing Director & Senior Data Scientist, Innovation, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Adrienne Schmoeker, Deputy Chief Analytics Officer, City of New York
  • Beth Simone Noveck, Professor and Director, The GovLab, NYU Tandon

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Data Stewards Network

Responsible Data Leadership to Address the Challenges of the 21st Century

Michelle Winowatan

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Indonesian born, currently New York resident, wander-land citizen. Writes about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Data Stewards Network

Responsible Data Leadership to Address the Challenges of the 21st Century

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