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As part of our on-going improvements, we are excited to announce the next population model (version 6) we have developed which means an even more relevant estimate of population for our clients.

What is population density data used for?

The population density data, based on aggregated and anonymised mobile location…

[Animated GIF] Hour-on-hour domestic visitor increase: this animation shows the areas with the highest increase in domestic visitor numbers each hour, from right before the latest lockdown was announced into the early hours of the morning. Starting from 11PM, we see a wave of movement out of Auckland and towards the coast.

It’s been in the news (NZHerald), multiple (NZHerald) times (Stuff).

Want the TL;DR? Click here.

Using our hourly population counts, we can see how the population in Auckland changed between when the latest lockdown was announced at 9pm on Saturday 27 February 2021, and when it came into place at…

by Drew Broadley

Regions of Aotearoa New Zealand, and their population mobility and card spend activity across 2020.

2020 was such a unique milestone in everyone’s lives, globally. It’s something you can share stories about with anyone across the world. It created an environment for a human emotion rollercoaster ride. It also made for a year that was completely unlike anything we’ve experienced for generations.

By Hollie Kane


We thought we would take the opportunity to update you on what we have been up to and what we are working towards for the remainder of 2018.

With most already checking in to holiday mode, winding down for the summer. We are working hard behind…

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