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[Animated GIF] Hour-on-hour domestic visitor increase: this animation shows the areas with the highest increase in domestic visitor numbers each hour, from right before the latest lockdown was announced into the early hours of the morning. Starting from 11PM, we see a wave of movement out of Auckland and towards the coast.

It’s been in the news (NZHerald), multiple (NZHerald) times (Stuff).

Want the TL;DR? Click here.

Using our hourly population counts, we can see how the population in Auckland changed between when the latest lockdown was announced at 9pm on Saturday 27 February 2021, and when it came into place at 6am the following morning.

We’ll look at two different groups of people — domestic visitors and local residents. In this case, domestic visitors are people who are visiting Auckland but live elsewhere in New Zealand. Local residents are people who normally live in Auckland.

What happened during the latest Alert Level 3 lockdown in Auckland?

To get a better understanding of…

by Drew Broadley

Regions of Aotearoa New Zealand, and their population mobility and card spend activity across 2020.

2020 was such a unique milestone in everyone’s lives, globally. It’s something you can share stories about with anyone across the world. It created an environment for a human emotion rollercoaster ride. It also made for a year that was completely unlike anything we’ve experienced for generations.

Reflecting on times like this is what helps people process and build resilience.

Meanwhile, here in Aotearoa New Zealand, at Data Ventures we had a unique opportunity to see two key parts of everyone’s lives from a macro view in 2020. …

by Drew Broadley

Areas in New Zealand, and their hourly population patterns during the week across a year.

When you have an opportunity of bringing together a new look at Aotearoa’s population, you start seeing some things that haven’t been seen before.

Having a breakdown of hourly population counts for 2200-odd areas of our country for over a year, it starts to tell unique stories. These areas start having personalities and you see very distinct human behaviour that make it clear around parts of New Zealand where people live, where they work and where they play.

Note: we are in the throws of writing a white paper on these new population behaviours and classifications using…

by Drew Broadley

We’ve had a few “end of year” type posts already, with our team update, Data Venture’s 1st birthday, and most importantly our focus on being a data brokerage.

With the year coming to an end, it’s not a rest for everyone. We are taking a short break as we have a pilot which is underway to include a comprehensive set of data providers and a selected handful of customers.

We will talk more about that in the new year when all the serious stuff has been signed and agreed too.

As a last part to the year…

By Hollie Kane


We thought we would take the opportunity to update you on what we have been up to and what we are working towards for the remainder of 2018.

With most already checking in to holiday mode, winding down for the summer. We are working hard behind the scenes on the focus. A big end of year push to get potential customers signed to the pilot.

Website Update

As you know we narrowed our focus and our website needed to reflect that, with clearer messaging and a level of understanding from our audience of what we are doing and…

By Drew Broadley

You may have read our latest update. We’ve got a new focus and direction on what we’re doing. As we said, we’re pausing the other ventures and we’re going to be a data brokerage.

Sounds jargony though. What is a data brokerage?

There’s been heaps in the media in the last few years about “big data”. We had Cambridge Analytica harvesting Facebook data and selling it to political movements; Equifax had a huge breach that revealed millions of people’s data worldwide and Facebook had its own data breached. …

By Drew Broadley

What a year!

It’s amazing that after what’s been a tumultuous year we can all still smile and laugh together. The work we’ve done in the last 12 months has really set us up for our new direction and focus that we talked about in this blog post. And of course we’re honouring our commitment to transparency so we’re sharing it all with you.

It’s hard! We started with a blank canvas and nothing on it. We went looking for what would stick best and that process was a wild ride. So many of the opportunities had…

by Drew Broadley

Wow. It’s been a hectic few months. We’ve done a lot of work on how we think we can make Data Ventures as successful as possible. We spoke to the market, potential partners, private and public sectors, and possible customers and then bringing all the feedback together with the team and what would work for Data Ventures.

Data Ventures will focus on being a data brokerage for aggregated data-sets, made confidential, that are not readily available or accessible to government agencies and crown entities.

You can see our updated Lean Canvas to find out the detail of…

by Laura Brown

I’ll begin at the beginning and start by telling the tale of how I came to work with Data Ventures.

As part of my GovTech Talent Graduate Programme, I helped organise and run a hackathon promoting open data called DataLand, at which Data Ventures gave me huge amount of support.

In the very early stages, before I even knew anything about Data Ventures, Aimee Whitcroft helped us understand what running a successful hackathon looks like and gave us a great deal of advice that assisted in shaping our event. …

by Nasca Peng

Update: we’d like to clarify that each of these canvases represent a concept we’re investigating, based on known pain points. We’re in the process of validating them more, and will choose a small subset to start testing as proofs of concept.

Privacy is definitely a controversial issue. Fears of privacy breaches cause organisations to be overly cautious about releasing and sharing their data. Such concerns have resulted in information isolation and therefore disabling collaboration and the sharing of statistical insights between organisations.

With the arrival of privacy regulations and awareness, it is easy to lean on the…

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