Data Ventures: In & Out of Lockdown

Like many in early August, we were caught off-guard by the community outbreak of Delta and the sudden shift to Level 4 lockdown. Back to navigating home office politics, such as who gets the best set of headphones and those inevitable home internet blackouts, we were able to adjust quickly and got straight to work helping government agencies across New Zealand respond to COVID-19. We also got our Weekly COVID-19 Population Reports back up and running, giving New Zealanders better insights into population mobility nationwide during the lockdown.

With most of our team now at Level 2, and well-caught up on all of our fast-food fixings, we’ve returned to the office and are focused on helping organisations adjust back to the “new normal” with our data consultancy services. Despite the outbreak of Delta, Data Ventures is business-as-usual, with our Head of Operations, Alice Qiao, leading the team in our day-to-day and our projects while the hunt for our new Executive Director is underway.

One area we’re continuing to offer support in is the tourism industry. With the low number of international tourists in New Zealand, we’ve been helping tourism agencies nationwide get a better understanding of domestic tourism trends with bespoke insights from our Population Density Model. Similar to the COVID-19 reports we’ve produced, these insights allow tourism organisations to better determine business outcomes based on regional population movements.

We have also been offering our support to organisations and businesses through our data sourcing and brokering services, providing an understanding of what data is available from public and private sectors, and insights from unique data sets that are tailored to fit business needs. During the current COVID-19 climate, we believe using trusted data to help make business decisions is more valuable than ever. We’re passionate about helping organisations reach their goals with trusted data, and we’re here to continue supporting businesses to find their feet and flourish during these difficult times.

We want to work with you.

We are always looking to forge new connections and relationships, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about how we can help. Flick us an email at and we’ll get the conversation rolling.



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