Data Ventures Launches Tourism NZ Insights Tool

We’re proud to announce the release of the Visitor & Local Population Estimates Insights Tool, a project Data Ventures has been working closely with Tourism NZ to develop and deliver to organisations in the tourism industry. This project has been a wonderful opportunity to support tourism operators nationwide in gaining valuable insights in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreaks.

With the closure of the international borders and the international tourism industry virtually shutting down overnight, industry leaders, Tourism NZ, were committed to supporting Regional Tourism Organisations and economic development agencies in using data to better understand the domestic visitor market. In particular, helping these stakeholders to understand the new domestic visitation number trends.

When Tourism NZ contracted us to help make this happen, we wanted to ensure their stakeholders could access the best data available to help guide them. We used our expertise in data brokering to bring together anonymised and aggregated mobile phone data from two major telecommunication providers to understand the population density on a daily basis at a regional level. Then, using data modeling, we segmented the population by local residents, domestic visitors, and any remaining international visitors. This has enabled tourism stakeholders to study the different visitor groups based on their individual business requirements.

It was also essential that Tourism NZ’s stakeholders could access and draw their own insights from the data. Our development team, which specialises in stylish and practical data visualisations, pulled together an easy-to-use, interactive Insights Tool. This tool provides a user-friendly interface for tourism stakeholders to easily engage with the data through a near real-time dashboard. Data on the dashboard are presented in a comprehensible format, utilising data visualisations and the ability to toggle through different filters to highlight areas of interest.

By sourcing the right data and building the right tool, Tourism NZ’s stakeholders are now able to easily access and draw out insights to support their business decisions during this difficult time. We hope this tool will not only aid the tourism industry in the short term but for many years to come.

A special thanks to Head of Global Insights, Bryce Kelliher, Insights Analyst, Jacob Harrington, and our other friends at Tourism NZ for the successful launch of the Tourism NZ Visitor & Local Population Estimates Insights Tool.



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