Ending the year is just the beginning

by Drew Broadley

We’ve had a few “end of year” type posts already, with our team update, Data Venture’s 1st birthday, and most importantly our focus on being a data brokerage.

With the year coming to an end, it’s not a rest for everyone. We are taking a short break as we have a pilot which is underway to include a comprehensive set of data providers and a selected handful of customers.

We will talk more about that in the new year when all the serious stuff has been signed and agreed too.

As a last part to the year, and to keep the promise of transparency and also ongoing validation/scoring of our ventures we have updated our Data Ventures lean canvas. We’ll do an update on Population Density and Travel Patterns in the new year.

What’s interesting for me, is how we’ve been tracking our scorings and assumptions over the last year. What’s been interesting is the start, and end points:

Lean Canvas V1.0 — June 2017link

Effort: 5 / Acquisition: 2 / Risk: 5 / Complexity: 3 / Value: 8

Lean Canvas V3.0 — December 2018 link

Effort: 6 / Acquisition: 6 / Risk: 6 / Complexity: 6 / Value: 8

Oh how things change when you’re planning, to when you’re doing. That is not unexpected.

If you’re interested in our thoughts behind how we score, here’s a post all about it.

It’s been a #wildride that the team past, present and future will agree.

So with the usual sign off, happy holidays and look forward to updating you in the new year.

As always, if you have any questions, fire them through to: dataventures@stats.govt.nz

Check back here or follow our twitter feed (@dataventuresnz) to keep updated.

By starring us on GitHub (dataventuresnz), you can always see what we’re releasing.



The purpose of Data Ventures is to be a full service data agency, and be flexible to the needs of its customers — targeting problems that exist in the executive team level of an organisation.

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