Week 10_progress update

For this week, I used Jupyter Notebook and clean up the dataset and exported the class IDs that I will potentially use.

Then, I did some rough visualizations.

At this point, we are mainly analyzing the dataset and continue to visualize those datasets.

Next step:
We will basically continue to do the same step and inform Kevin about what we have discovered.


CARTO seems to be a very intuitive tool for visualizing the data. However, I tried to import the dataset given by BrainPop. It turns out the dataset is too big and unable to load. I didn’t go further but I wonder if this is a toolkit that allows user to drag and drop like Tableau. If that is the function, I will love to work with this tool.

Google Colaboratory might be useful for multiple users who are working on the same dataset. It allows people to collaborate in one project. I tried Pandas and the syntax is super easy to understand. Therefore, I found really helpful and comfortable of using this library.