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databased.FINANCE and Partner for Inventory Verification

Verification. It’s important to know when the bear arrives. It’s great to know exactly when she leaves.

Our goal at databased.FINANCE is to use data to bridge the trust-less world of crypto into the trillions of dollars of Real World Inventory Assets. Historically inventory has proven problematic to manage and harder to count.

Now, with unique product identification and third party fulfillment systems that track at the item level, an accurate, verified inventory count is possible. Knowing what is there and what its market value is lets us provide fair financing based on the data. has agreed to participate in the databased.FINANCE community as our first product verification Oracle. Starting with Fulfilled-by-Amazon brand Sellers, they will access their underlying inventory and sales history data, and compiling verified reports on the marked to market, post-Amazon fee value of the inventory held.

Each seller can then choose to release their information to databased.FINANCE, and we make an offer to pre-purchase their brand’s inventory.

About is a market leader in inventory and item verification. It provides services to US Pharmaceuticals manufacturers to verify any Medicine destined for sale into the United States. Its Verification Router Service has been tested by and is connected to massive firms like Cardinal Health and third party systems supplied by companies SAP, Tracelink, and Rfxcel.

About databased.FINANCE

databased.FINANCE is bridging the divide between Decentralized Finance and Real World Assets using data. We purchase verified inventory, freeing up cash flow for SME companies.

Want to know more?

email: hello@databased.FINANCE



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