After having extended our DTX token sale, enabling potential Chinese shareholders to join in, the DataBroker DAO main token sale ended on June 30th. The projected sale target of 108 million DTX was not quite met. Nevertheless, no less than 67.137.510 tokens were sold!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us on this journey since the very beginning. A big thank you for buying the DTX tokens, for sure, but perhaps even a bigger thank you for your unceasing support, justified comments, clever questions, and constructive feedback.

Over the next week four things will happen:

  • We will pay out all tokens earned by the referral program
  • We will pay out all tokens earned by the bounty campaign
  • We will double all tokens in everyone’s account to adhere to the new 8000DTX/ETH price
  • We will make the tokens tradeable!

Join our Telegram channel for the notification of the completion of these steps.

Furthermore, as from July 7th CoinFalcon, a European cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom, will be the first exchange to list our DTX token. In the meantime, DataBroker DAO is in the process of having the DTX token listed on a reputable Chinese exchange. And more cryptocurrency exchanges are to follow soon.

The DataBroker DAO platform will go live later this Summer. Giving sensor owners the opportunity to monetize their IoT sensor data and to turn sunk costs into perpetual revenue streams. And granting interested buyers access to thousands of sensors around the world. As soon as we have the exact timing, we will bring you up to date. Meanwhile, you can follow the development at our Github organisation and join us in completing some technical challenges via GitCoin.

The DataBroker DAO team


DataBroker DAO, a peer to peer marketplace for IoT sensor data.

Roderik van der Veer

Written by

Founder & CTO at DataBrokerDAO and SettleMint. Passionate about innovation and the technology to do so.


DataBroker DAO, a peer to peer marketplace for IoT sensor data.

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