In 30 minutes from analog to a connected industrial machine

May I introduce? Our Datacake D Zero. It is an industrial IoT gateway in a housing for the DIN rail. Sometimes we also call it cellular PLC. Why? It brings industrial sensors according to the IEC standard signal into the cloud.

Simon Kemper
Sep 5, 2019 · 4 min read

What’s so special about it? It has everything you need to implement your industry 4.0 projects, including features that enable you to connect machines, installations or other industrial switching technology quickly and cost-effectively to the industrial internet of things:

  • Connection of up to 20 I/Os
  • 2G/UMTS mobile modem
  • Embedded SIM card with globally uniform tariff
  • IoT Portal with real-time dashboards, alerting and M2M
  • From sensor to cloud in 30 minutes

The D Zero does not have to be programmed for installation. It already is. Once the power supply is established, it automatically connects to the Datacake IoT platform via the cellular network.

There, the connected sensors or switching sources are parameterized via the web interface. The following screenshots show what this looks like:

As an example I connected an industrial CO2 sensor from the company Comet as well as a PT100 temperature sensor to the D Zero and parameterized it via web interface.

After the value range of the sensor and the query interval have been defined, the configuration is transferred to the D Zero at the push of a button — or better said by mouse click. The D Zero starts working immediately and transfers the measured data into the cloud.

But what do you do with all the data?

On the Datacake IoT platform these measured values are now available and can be used for the following actions:

Using a WYSIWYG editor, you can create individual dashboards using drag and drop for real-time monitoring of machine data. No programming knowledge is required, the same basic principle of our solution applies.

The current measured values can be used to trigger alarms via SMS, e-mail or push. Limits and conditions are defined for this purpose. Here also via web interface and within just a few steps.

The Datacake D Zero currently has two switchable digital outputs. These can be controlled locally on device via measured values from the same module — or via cloud — across all devices. This is also determined via the web interface of the cloud.

All measured values are recorded in high resolution in our database. A viewer enables the subsequent evaluation of each measured value — at any time.

Send an e-mail to employees, customers or dealers and invite them to collaborate. You determine which rights each person has or which measured values they are allowed to see.

Technical details

  • 24V power supply (12V to max. 27V DC)
  • 8x Digital (24V DC, 2kHz Edge-Counter)
  • 6x Analog (4–20mA, 15 Bit)
  • 3x PT100 (two-wire)
  • 2x relays (semiconductor, DC)
  • 1x RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Mobile Communications / Connectivity
  • UMTS modem (2G fallback, LTE / NB-IoT in preparation)
  • Embedded SIM Card
  • Uniform tariff worldwide
  • No roaming charges
  • Localization via mobile mast
  • Cloud / Platform
  • Parameterization via web interface
  • Create your own dashboards
  • Alerting by SMS, e-mail or Push
  • Cooperation with employees, persons
  • Provision of the portal to customers
  • Branding options such as your own logo or domain name


The Datacake D Zero is available from 350€ excl. VAT. An annual fee for cloud and cellular is already included. Starting from the second year 12€ per month are due.


If you have a challenge in industrial IoT or industry 4.0, if you rely on industrial sensors according to IEC signal, then we guarantee that with the Datacake D Zero and Datacake Cloud platform you will achieve first results within a few minutes, which you can use immediately as well as present to your customers.

If you want to know more about it:

Datacake Learn

Guides and Tutorials for the Datacake Low-Code IoT Platform

Simon Kemper

Written by

CEO & Founder of Datacake |

Datacake Learn

Guides and Tutorials for the Datacake Low-Code IoT Platform

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