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By Any Other Name

Comparing names with Python/Pandas

Like a teacher taking role, his finger slid down a list of names looking for a match. Every list had to be audited name by name. A list of terminated employees was cross-checked: nope, not there. A much longer list of current staff — called “The Census” — was reviewed: and there it was. The name was on the list, access granted, noted, and checked off. Next.

Ugh — SOX audits. Every company application carrying financial data — be it Tableau, Cubes, or the DataLake — has to be secured against even internal employees. Until these apps use…




Exploring the Joys and Pitfalls of Big Data

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Dan Hislop

Grateful for such cool water, I’m adding my voice to the world’s pool — ripple or no — because the act of creation itself is healing.

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