10 top and in-demand Tech skills you will need in 2019

Technology is ever evolving. You don’t want to be left behind catching up with IT trends when your competitors have mastered them. With a new year approaching, everyone seems to be getting concerned about IT Trends 2019. While new technologies open ways to new possibilities, it also throws new challenges at you that become impediment to your business growth. The biggest challenge in finding the right talent to fulfill the needs of the ever-changing technologies. It is impossible to search for people skilled in new technologies and afford their high salaries.


In 2019, you will most likely need one (or maybe more) of the following professionals and will need a software professional company to hire the new tech professionals as and when you need them.

I have captured the 10 top and in-demand technology skills you will need in 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning Engineers

We hear about AI and ML in all directions. Sooner or later, your business will need AI and ML engineers to get to the next level of automation. These professionals will optimize business operations, practices and make day-to-day working easier, less dependent on humans and more productive.

2. Data Scientists

The demand for data scientists is not new. They have been in demand since the past couple of years, and there are chances that the demand will grow in the future. Every enterprise needs to collect data, collate it and, most importantly, draw intelligent inferences from it with the integration of third-party data. The resulting data helps them understand their customers better and understand how market dynamics will impact their business.

3. Scrum Masters

To deliver better, enterprises are turning to scrum masters. You need a great scrum master to ensure better product quality, effective team structure, flexible working strategy, real-time feedback on features, frequent updates to customer requirements, fewer defects and quick response to defects.

4. Python Developers

it is due to the rise in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that there is a rise in the demand of the programming language Python. It can simply be called the fastest growing programming language.

5. Full stack Developers

Siloed front end developers and back end developers are a thing of the past. Enterprises are working to hire full stack developers who can work on all levels of the application stack.

6. Blockchain Developers

The growth of the blockchain technology has impacted the demand of blockchain developers. They need to be master of inter-operability, distributed ledger expertise, understand blockchain security, drive blockchain architecture patterns and be aware of standards and ecosystem.

7. Cloud Engineers

Whatever cloud computing solution you might select, you need cloud engineers to plan, manage, maintain and support the software. They will also help you write, modify, debug and re-test software to support cloud applications and deployments.

8. Mobile Developers

You need mobile developers to build apps using Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms and Android. There is a surging demand for mobile apps which has a direct impact on the demand for mobile developers. iOS developers must be proficient in Objective-C/ Swift and use Xcode development environment and Cocoa Touch Framework. Android Developer must be skilled in Java.

9. DevOps Engineers

The purpose of the DevOps engineer is to provide better communication and collaboration between development and operations team. Developers who are interested in network operations and deployment with a passion for coding and scripting are qualified to become DevOps engineers.

10. Cybersecurity professionals

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and they are getting complex. You need cybersecurity professionals to be a step ahead of hackers. They need to perform penetration testing and intrusion detection be aware of cloud security and DevSecOps and have encryption skills.

If you want to step up your game and leverage next-gen technologies (and of course leave your competitors behind), you can hire dedicated professionals anytime, anywhere and at a cost that suits your pocket.