5 Distractions the Nesting Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Sometimes we are like birds, easily distracted by moving objects

Lex Nickels
Mar 25 · 8 min read

Let’s face it, not all entrepreneurs are lucky enough to fly the coup the day after they discover their entrepreneurial side. These entrepreneurs, such as myself are considered to be nesting, maybe a little terrified to fly the coup leaving behind comfort for uncertainty. It can be a series of many things, of many events that keep people in unhappy circumstances or situations that have proved to be anything but beneficial time and time again.

Think about all of the people that go through school and finish college with a million-dollar idea, but are too afraid to venture out and make it happen. Instead, they settle for the paper degree, the rat race that keeps them chasing the debt that hangs over their head for completing years of education. Not saying that it won’t happen later in life but the chances of the idea becoming a reality are slim at some certain point, that’s the beauty of an idea. When it comes to you, it’s only yours for a little while, should you act on it.

The same applies to the working entrepreneur. The comfort of having a guaranteed bi-weekly paycheck seems to be too sweet of a deal to give up or walk away from. Especially when a benefits package comes with health insurance and when the bills and family are added to the equation. However, these are not the only distractions that nesting entrepreneurs face.

5 Distractions To The Nesting Entrepreneur

Dog on keyboard
Dog on keyboard
Photo by Andy Orin on Unsplash

5. The Significant Other —

In some households, there are balances between a husband and wife that may become disturbed or interrupted when the husband or wife becomes enlightened with the entrepreneurial spirit. In some cases, jealousy may be the culprit. When one finds their true passion in life and seeks to make it happen, their significant other may receive an overwhelming abundance of mixed feelings and become regretful for not seeking the same for themselves.

It can also be a matter of the two not being on the same page or not working towards the same goals. Let’s say you have a business partner, in some circles marriage is seen as a business partnership, and you are bootstrapping the business but your partner is a spender, in fact, a big spender. This is surely a recipe for failure. Like most marriages, this can happens regardless, when a couple is not on the same page there is a major lack of communication that can turn into resentment, and cause your significant other to become a distraction more than a supporter.

How to Prevent This —
Get your significant other on board! Communicate with them your desires and goals, do your best to include them in your endeavors and turn your entrepreneurial adventure into a partnership.

4. The Success of Other Entrepreneurs —

In this age of social media, it’s very easy to get obsessed with what other people are doing or pretending to do with their lives. So as an entrepreneur it can be easy to become engulfed by the success of others and what they did or are currently doing to achieve their dreams or accomplish their goals.

This can be a great motivator and at the same time an even greater distraction. If you’re always reading about other people and their success as an entrepreneur, when are you finding the time to achieve your success?

How to Prevent This —
Limit or cut your social media time altogether. As we are all aware, the Youtube wormhole is real, this also applies to Tic Toc, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

Limit your time or remove the apps altogether. In all seriousness, if you truly reflect on this one idea, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and Alexis Ohanian all limit technology, the use of cell phones, iPads, and social media in their households. Steve Jobs, didn’t allow the iPad in the home altogether, so take a few minutes and let that sink in.

According to CNBC, when talking to Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and Alexis Ohanian about their kids and tech in the household, they had the following to contribute:

Alexis Ohanian — ,

“My wife and I both want her (daughter) to know what it’s like to have limits on tech… I do look forward to playing video games with her when she’s older, but it’s really important that she gets time to just be with her thoughts and be with her blocks and be with her toys, so we’ll be regulating it pretty heavily.”

Mark Cuban — ,

“I’m not going to lie, I paid my son $150 to not watch those videos for two months,” said Cuban. “But he could earn if he watched math videos, or did math problems for me, he could earn time to watch Minecraft videos.”

Bill Gates —

“We don’t have cell phones at the table when we are having a meal, we didn’t give our kids cell phones until they were 14 and they complained other kids got them earlier…”

How is this significant? I like to approach creativity from a child’s point of view, they see the world differently and there is nothing but possibility. If it’s not good for children, then there is also a possibility that it’s not good for your creativity.

What are your thoughts?

3. The People Around You —

There was a time when I spoke openly about my ideas and shared them with others, this also includes family. It did not take long until I learned the hard way, that your friends and family will not always have your best interest in mind and at heart. These are the people that do not understand the concept of being an entrepreneur or wanting something better, something different.

These are the hard workers that make entrepreneurial dreams come true because they will work so hard to make someone else rich and can’t justify giving up their guarantees and comforts. The distraction here lies in their words of discouragement, insults, and manipulations against the want to improve your life and situation.

You see some people are terrified that they will be left behind and miss out on having your in their life, so they may sabotage your dreams, and then some people only wish to steal your ideas and use them for themselves.

How to Prevent This —

Be very selective with who you share your desires, dreams, and ideas. Some would suggest that you also be over-protective of them, and only share them with people that you trust wholeheartedly, people that you know for a fact will have your best interest at heart and only want the best for you.

There are, in some circles where non-disclosure agreements are necessary, but I see this as a pretty extreme measure. Not everyone is a solid stoic, words cut deep, and even the strongest of us needs positive affirmations from time to time. Oddly, I recently just realized that Dr. Seuss was full of positive messages to help all walks of life continue on that good path.

2. The Person Who Approves Your Paychecks —

To some people, this is an obvious one, but not to me in the beginning. I had a boss that tried to make my job harder once she realized that I was working on a startup. She went above and beyond to make my life during this time seriously hard. She targeted me, at the time, fiancé, sent packages, mail-orders, invoices back to companies via return to sender without my notice and always neglected to inform me. This was all for my job, not as a part of my startup. It was completely frustrating.

I had manufactures contacting me about returned products, overdue invoices, and accrued charges due to restocking fees. Once this hit a boiling point, I had no choice but to confront her directly about it.

If you have ever been a position to confront your supervisor about their behavior, the impact on you and our ability to perform your job duties, and the legal implications of their actions. It is not a good position to be in, regardless if you are in the right. When you’re dealing with workplace behaviors, human resources are only there to protect the company first and then management.

Luckily, I had collected proof and built a case regarding workplace policies and harassment (nowadays bullying) with 3rd party agencies. When I confronted her, all I had to do was mention the federal offenses, give her my attorney’s information, which was already on the paperwork and if she were to continue this behavior and threatening to fire me then I would have to take further legal action. I learned an important lesson from this experience.

How to Prevent This —

Keep your business to yourself, work does not need to know that you are working on building a business, big or small. Plus, always do your due diligence, and document everything, especially in times of turmoil and when faced with adversity. Usually, in those moments when you feel like quitting, it’s when it is most necessary that you fight, not harder, but smarter.

1. The Job You Report to —

People nowadays live to work and have it all wrong. Life is meant to be fun and people are meant to work to live. 40 hours a day, to live paycheck to paycheck is not as exciting as a 4-hour workweek. And, let’s also be real, a 4-hour workweek, to some is not even reasonable, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t doable. While you’re working 40 hours a week and maybe some weekends, when are you finding time to gear up your venture?

With a job comes comfort and stability but limitations. All decisions and choices have consequences. Work to make someone else rich or work to make yourself comfortable that is the real question. Then there is the million-dollar question,

“If you had to do something for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

There you have it, a list of 5 distractions to the nesting entrepreneur. Even if it’s day-trading Cryptocurrency or riding the downturn of the stock market. Maybe it’s time to work toward leaving the nest and blaze your path to success. There has never been a better time than now.

By this time next year where will you be?

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from confusion to clarity not insanity

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Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity not insanity

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