5 Key Tips for Building a Productive Virtual Office

Sarath CP
Sarath CP
Sep 10, 2018 · 5 min read

Moving to a virtual office offers many significant advantages for your startup, most notably not being tied down to a particular location. In short, it allows you to work from anywhere in the world and provide a better alternative to commuting to work every day in a traditional office setting.

With the advent of technology and global networks, more and more businesses are switching to virtual offices as a way to save on substantial costs. However, many business owners usually consider that by transferring their business to a virtual office or starting a new business in a virtual office, this would stifle the determination and creativeness of their employees. They also tend to believe that while working remotely, their employees would get distracted by factors such as family, friends, and other daily distractions, which could harm their employees’ productivity.

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But you cannot deny the fact that individuals are more productive at work when they are comfortable in their surroundings. This helps them work creatively and efficiently.

Are you facing the same situation, and not sure if a virtual office is something that’s good for you? Wonder whether it will prove productive for your new business idea?

Below are some of the keys to be productive and determined while working remotely in order to build a productive virtual office.

Tip-1 Flexibility

The most significant advantage of working from a virtual office is that it offers flexibility to schedule the working hours according to your convenience in your style and space. If traditional office working hours of 9 to 5 is not your most productive hours, then you can set up your schedule according to your lifestyle. This is one of the beauties of working remotely in a virtual office.

As a matter of the fact, this flexibility is one of the factors that leads to more productivity of an employee. You can take a stroll, take a break or even eat anytime you want, which will ultimately improve your productivity level at work. All you need to do is establish a time management policy that lays out how many hours you’re expecting to work in a day and on which project you are going to work on.

This makes it more convenient for the team leader to set up the schedules and keep deadlines in order to maintain the balance between the company and the employees. The work will be appropriately distributed among the employees and even last minute calls from the client can be adequately handled.

Tip-2 Maintain Streamline Communication

The second tip for building a productive virtual office is to maintain streamline communication. Communication is vitally important in any workplace setting, but this is particularly true for those using a virtual office.

While working in a virtual office, there will be much less face to face time among your staff, and this can make it more challenging to engage effectively with other staff members. Hence, the modes of communication that are available to you becomes doubly crucial for your business entity.

You can use Skype for instant connections with your employees, which will help you in making things more comfortable in keeping in touch and decreases confusion due to misreading or misinterpreted messages. You can also use more traditional tools like an Email to send messages to your employees, but it has some limitations too.

Do remember that misunderstood messages can cause a lot of trouble as it will lead to the wrong decisions and work will be affected. So, you need to make sure that they are clear and have consistent guidelines of communication to improve the level of productivity.

Tip-3 Build a Personal Connection

In order to build a productive virtual office, you need to develop a personal connection with your employees. Even though you want to keep things in a professional relationship with your co-workers or employees, remember that they are humans and have strengths, weaknesses, and their own personalities. But by recognizing these aspects in your employees, this will help you in building a personal and professional connection with them for the growth of your business.

So, try to keep tabs on what your workers want and try to engage with them and create a culture of honesty, loyalty and transparency. You can also plan events like virtual celebrations or even start a non-work related chat or Facebook group for employees to socialize. It will help you in fostering a personal connection with your employees and building a productive virtual office.

Tip- 4 Utilize Technology

Good communication plays an essential role in keeping your workers engaged. However, sometimes it can be hard to appreciate your employees if they’re not in the traditional working place. It’s vital that you develop trust, honesty, and transparency with your employees and encourage constant communication with them.

So, you can use various platforms such as Skype and Google hangout for hosting virtual meetings. These platforms won’t get you face-to-face with your employees and coworkers, but will help you in increasing a sense of personal communication.

And by turning your cameras on during the Skype calls, you not only gain that more personal touch, but you get to see the body language and reactions of others. Some business owners often take these facets of communication for granted, but they are an integral part of our interactions with one another and should be utilized wherever possible.

Tip-5 Spark Competitiveness Within the Employees

Sometimes all that it takes is a little bit of encouragement to boost the productivity and loyalty of employees. Try incorporating some individual or team-based competitions and rewards for day to day activities. The best part about sparking competitions among employees is that it could be done in various ways such as by offering bonuses, launching an employee recognition programs, games and additional rewards.

When an employee is rewarded in front of the others, it puts a sense of recognition and also persuades the others to do better so that they are also recognized. This strategy is well-known by the name of “gamification,” or the application of game-playing elements to non-game environments. As a matter of the fact that, organizing these facilities in your virtual office not only push individual employees to strive for increased productivity, but it will also help you in building a sense of teamwork and cooperation.


No matter how many advantages virtual offices bring to remote workers or entrepreneurs, being in a virtual office can often create issues within the organization. Hence, it is always advisable to maintain well-established communications between the employees in order to develop productivity at work.

And prioritize engagement in your business while putting together an efficient, productive, and the happy remote workforce for your prosperous business.

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Sarath CP

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Sarath CP

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Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity not insanity

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