5 Startups to Be Watching in 2019

Image Credit: Tech Crunch


“We plan on making Bitmoji obsolete” — Akash Nigam

Genies is a competitor to Bitmoji. Actually according to CEO Akash Nigam they “plan on making Bitmoji obsolete”. They’ve successfully secured a valuation of over $100 million and $13.8 million in 7 rounds of funding.

Notably they’ve also got some big names behind their company. And not just your big name venture capital firms, but celebrities like The Chainsmokers, Shawn Mendes and social media giants like Jake Paul and Cameron Dallas have all placed their names on this startup.

Genies starts by getting to know a persons personality type and their pop culture preferences, then allows the person to edit and customize their avatar. Following that based on relevant topics in the day etc Genies will deliver customized avatars to the user for sharing across social media.

Image Credit: Business Insider


Zapier is yet another success story to come out of Y Combinator. Zapier connects business software with business software and automates the moving of information to save you the hassle. They initially raised $1.3 million in a seed round back in 2012, but since then have remained profitable. Buzzfeed, Spotify, Adobe and FOX are all using Zapier. I definitely think it’s worth keeping an eye on this company and the three co-founders: Bryan Helmig, Mike Knoop and Wade Foster.

Image Credit: Shippo


Shippo is a cloud based eCommerce shipping service connecting customers to the best shipping rates, allowing them to print labels, track packages etc. They currently support more than 35,000 customers. They’ve taken $29.3 million in funding in 8 rounds to date. They’re also currently used by companies like GOAT, hims, Etsy and Unilever.


“A single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle”

GitLab is a complete DevOps solution for businesses. GitLab is a competitor to GitHub, both are web-based Git repositories, but GitLab has progressively been making a name for itself. And a number of businesses have taken notice; Sony, NASA, Nasdaq and Bayer are all using GitLab.

To date they’ve raised $45.6 million in 5 rounds of funding. The most recent round was led by Google Ventures. Bottom line is keep an eye on GitLab.

Image Credit: Gladly


“I want to be treated like a case number, not a person.”
- Said no one, ever.

Gladly creates modern highly-personalized experiences for customers. They’re the customer support system you want to implement as a business owner. The difference in Gladly’s service is that they simplify the process of connecting customers to the right agent and from there the agent has all the necessary tools and information to provide the correct support to the customer.

It’s a fantastic concept and they’re already being incorporated by companies like JetBlue. They’ve to date raised $63 million in 3 rounds and are based out of San Francisco. Keep an eye on this company, they’re revolutionizing the customer support system.