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Faisal Khan
Dec 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Learning is a Life long process and I realized this a long time ago & it has become kind of mission for me ever since. Posting educational & data driven statistics on my Twitter handle every day gives me the opportunity to not only learn about new, interesting & enlightening stuff but to share with other people who benefit from it. Anyways, moving on to this week’s infographics, the most popular post was the “The Digital Transformation pyramid.” DT has become a popular buzzword nowadays defining the automation that companies are businesses are going through or are planning to go through by adopting technology driven solutions to increase efficiency & adopt customer centric approaches. The graphic details the three-step process of devising a business strategy, executing the plan & finally enabling the technological solutions.

My personal favorite was the “Blockchain Cheat sheet” which details some of the basic terms used in the Cyptoverse & their meanings — a handy reference for beginners. You can always follow me on @fklivestolearn on Twitter to get daily updates. Enjoy the learning & have a great time during the holidays!

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