A VC’s Take on: Kencko

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  • The Elevator Pitch: A convenient, inexpensive alternative to $12 cold pressed juices
  • Today: Although funding is publicly unknown, Kencko did participate in the Techstars Accelerator Program in London [1/10 companies].
  • The Opportunity: Although experts, research papers, and even our mothers keep preaching to us the same sermons, “you need to eat more fruits and vegetables”, in today’s go-go, nonstop world, it’s easy to neglect what we are putting into our bodies. That’s why 90% of the U.S.’s population doesn’t eat the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • The Experience: Similar to the origin story of Siren Snacks [see prior post], Kencko was conceived out of the founder’s desire to cure himself of an unfortunately diagnosis. When Tomas’ doctors diagnosed him with acute gastritis, Tomas decided taking a cocktail of pills for the rest of his life was not an ideal option. Thus, Kencko was born. With offices in NYC and Lisbon, Kencko’s in-house nutritionists, engineers, and foodies are taking on the fruits and vegetables world by storm. What makes Kencko unique from other instant alternatives is its freeze-drying formula designed to keep the dense, rich feel of a cold-pressed juice alive without compromising your health. Furthermore, Tomas proves he has an entrepreneur’s big vision and is already thinking of expanding into other food-based products with the same mission of helping people achieve the recommended intake of fruits and veggies. However, the company will not conform to just selling you health beverages and food. It wants to integrate into a user’s whole well-being. It is developing an iOS app to track a user’s daily journey with fruits/veggies.
  • While consuming a wholly organic diet sounds ideal to most, if not all, it’s not as easy as it sounds. That’s why Kencko has been the best of both worlds for me. I can quickly and easily pop a sachet into the beautiful mixer bottle [which they ship to you for free] and still sip a delicious juice previously only found in SF’s healthy cafes. In fact, I’ve become such a big fan I drained my first order (~11 sachets) in less than a week! This is definitely one company I’ll be tracking — both as an investor and consumer!