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Data Driven Investor (DDI) started as a small team with the mission to develop a guide from confusion to clarity in the age of information, knowledge, and complexity. It has since become one of the fastest growing publications on Medium. DDI leverages on the wisdom of the crowd to minimize the path from information to investible insights. People who benefit from us, and contribute to our growth, come from all walks of life and all corners of the planet. You can understand more about where we came from and where we want to go from our About page, and our Why-DDI page on our main site (www.datadriveninvestor.com). It is never easy to change the world. But it is *harder* not to. We keep our mission alive by earning modest amounts of commissions through referring our readers to high-quality trainings, events, tools, and books, whenever it makes sense to do so. The entirety of the proceeds will be channeled to making DDI the greatest community for crowd-sourced wisdom and applications. *Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by any author of the publication belong solely to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of Data Driven Investor.

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Justin Chan
founder of datadriveninvestor.com where expertise and network generate value. justinchan@datadriveninvestor.com
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Peter Went
Data science rōnin. 浪人 I teach machines to learn and people to solve problems. Analytics, strategic leadership, machine learning, alternative data, and yoga.
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Jim Katzaman - Get Debt-Free One Family at a Time
Helping Americans shave years off of debt, cut thousands of dollars in interest, increase lifestyles and save for secure #retirement. largofinancialservices.com
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Henryk A. Kowalczyk
Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.
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Irshad Ahmad
Community Manager at Data Driven Investor. From confusion to clarity not insanity. Follow us on Medium (https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor)
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Ramandeep Saini
A 15-year-old AI and IoT enthusiast hoping to solve global issues with exponential technologies.
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Financial Imagineer
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Ron Tong
UX Design Student based in Sydney | Learning all things UX!
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Byron Ellis
Helping you SEE and ACHIEVE your $$$ future! Founder of Doing Money Right. CFP. Athlete. Photographer. Traveler.
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Sanghamitra Deb
I am a Data Scientist at Chegg Inc, an Astrophysicist, Ph.D in my prior life. My day is spend working with data, NLP, machine learning, statistics, …
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Rajan Kashyap
Expert in Blockchain, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.
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Megan Wilson
UX enthusiast who loves to share and discover innovative design content. Lead UXer at @WalkMeInc!
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Fuel Venture Capital
Through our investments, Fuel Venture Capital empowers inventors who challenge accepted ideas to build new economies.
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Antonio Altamirano
Tech Entrepreneur
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Qualitative app analytics lets you watch user session recordings and touch heatmaps for every screen, for a deep understanding of UX + user behavior. Appsee.com
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A new-age, simple and mobile job search platform. Check out www.workruit.com
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Praxis Business School
We are a premier B School in India offering Post Graduate Program in Business Management and Business Analytics
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Karan Bhanot
Data science and Machine learning enthusiast. Technical Writer. Passionate Computer Science Engineer.
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FunnelAI helps businesses pursue quality leads and close more deals. We use AI to capture your customer's intent to buy in real time.
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Michael Murphy
Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: mike@mikemurphy.co Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.
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Igor Luzhanskiy
I am building enterprise chatbots at http://chatbots.Studio
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Zealous Entrepreneurs
ZealousEntrepreneurs.com believes that all people are equal. Any one of us can achieve success if we have the patience and determination to take action.
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Martin De Saulles
Academic and writer focused on data-driven innovation and business models. https://martindesaulles.com/
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Aliza Rosenfelder
Google Campus Ambassador & Start-up lover
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lonely boy
computer science student who occasionally has an opinion
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John Leyden
I’m an optimistic human who enjoys writing, adventures, and other optimistic humans. johnleyden.com
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Saujanya Timilsina
When we experience failure in our life, it's not uncommon to feel low and humiliated. I love motivating people who've been through a stressful situation.
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Fahim Saleh
CEO, Gokada
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Marmi Maramot Le
Insights Engineer at Charter Spectrum and former Jeopardy contestant https://youtu.be/aVfmp1XI6BE
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Kunal Bhashkar
#DataScientist #PursuingPhD #DeepLearning #JNU #NewDelhi
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Lindsay Valve
Impact Specialist, Researcher, Measurement Maverick, www.quilin.ca
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Denis Vorotyntsev
Sr Data Scientist at Unity, Helsinki. Opinions are my own
Go to the profile of Andre Dupont
Andre Dupont
VP of Strategic Partnerships at Timechain. Expertise in Wallets, Exchanges, Crypto & DLT. Participated in 3 tech startups.
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Chu Rui Heng
Discovering and exploring my life. I love to share my knowledge and be creative. Improving through writing short and valuable article.
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Justin Cefai
Web Developer, Skateboarder, 1/2 of Xolo Music, and other things too.
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Matthew Lucas
Software developer based in the Cardiff, UK, area. Any views or opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of my employer past, present or future.
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francine hardaway
Co-founder, Stealthmode Partners, helping entrepreneurs succeed
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Jyssica Schwartz
Entrepreneur, writer, editor, book coach, cat lover, weirdo, optimist. Author of “Write. Get Paid. Repeat.” & “Concept to Conclusion.” jyssicaschwartz.com
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Anna Tuson
Communications & Editorial Consultant at The Story Communications and Creative Consultancy
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Beekey Cheung
Software consultant specializing in team building, project management, and software architecture. https://professorbeekums.com/
Go to the profile of Mikaela Kantor
Mikaela Kantor
Lawyer. FinTech enthusiast. World Traveler. Blogger @www.stepbeyondbanking.com
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Milton Marma
Software Artist | personal site: https://miltonmarma.me/
Go to the profile of Kresimir Jug
Kresimir Jug
I believe you’re designed to be extraordinary. Individual, lover of achievement, husband to Rachelle, Dad to Aristotle and Vedran, Chiropractor, CrossFitter.
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Find my work covering the cryptoasset space at flatoutcrypto.com and follow me @flatoutcrypto
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Fabián Uribe
Taco lover working at Yahoo! ⸱ http://fabianuribe.com
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Leader in #cloud solutions, focused on open source, cloud platforms, networking, and DevOps. Experts in Kubernetes, OpenStack, CloudStack, and more.
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Deepika Bajaj
CMO / VP — MARKETING/ Entrepreneur with an eye to spot new opportunities that are ground breaking
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Design Strategist | Innovator
Go to the profile of SAUMYADEEP SARKAR
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Austin Depew
Marketing Specialist at Pumex Computing
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Ezekiel Adeyinka
Solution driven| Lover of Technology and Innovation | Quick Learner.
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Mahesh Kumar CV
Co-Founder & COO at Orbit Shifters Inc + Expo Tech Jedi
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Go to the profile of Lior Barak
Lior Barak
A data strategist with over 10 years of experience in setting startups to become data-centric and use actionable data. author of Data is Like a Plate of Hummus
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Cryptocurrency enthousiast from the netherlands.
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Tracy Allison Altman
Making it possible for everyone to see, touch, and work with artificial intelligence @MuseumofAI | https://museumof.ai
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Nida Sahar
Bangalore based — Entrepreneur, Engineer, Mentor, Writer, Poet [ https://www.linkedin.com/in/nidasahar/][Instagram @nidasahar]
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Darya Maksimenka
A forward-thinking expert in the world of digital performance and strategy. Crafting helpful e-commerce stories for www.grinteq.com
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Hussein Cheayto
Codinstyle.pro Founder. I help developers master programming. Subscribe to my email list to get free 1 on 1 coaching and lots of freebies.
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Yusuf Olalere
Passionate about the collective progress of the human race. Entrepreneur In Training @mestafrica I think design and do code
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Go to the profile of Sharayu S Shenoy
Go to the profile of Omer Matityahu
Omer Matityahu
20 years of entrepreneurial and business experience, CEO at Agrinoze, co-founder of Profitect inc (sold to Zebra Technologies), maker, startup advisor, cyclist.
Go to the profile of Tom Grek
Tom Grek
Engineer in the NLP/AI space. Maker, hacker, MS EE. AGI enthusiast. Traveler and nature lover. Opinions are my own.
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Alex Graham
Commentary on VC, startups and strategy | Regular posts moved to agraham.io
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Gerald Muriuki
Go to the profile of Abhimanyu Chauhan
Abhimanyu Chauhan
A UI /UX Designer and JS Enthusiast, with a passion for travelling and writing.
Go to the profile of Nicholas Consroe
Nicholas Consroe
This blog was created for a course at the University at Buffalo on Artificial Intelligence. I received an A in the course, so I have decided to continue writing
Go to the profile of Grant Holtes
Grant Holtes
AI and Analytics Consultant in Melbourne. 90% ML / Economics / CV. 10% Photography / Cooking / Cycling. www.grantholtes.com
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Go to the profile of Saransh Mittal
Saransh Mittal
Facebook F8 | Microsoft Imagine Cup 2019 Asia Finalist | HackHarvard 2018 Finalist | Technical Mentor @IEEE VIT SB | Technical Lead @mstcvit | saransh.xyz
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Vivek Kumar
Communication Design Lead @ www.crrux.com
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Prasad Shelke
Over 10 years of Experience with a demonstrated history of working in the Healthcare industry. Skilled in Business Strategy, Research, Industry Insights.
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Work for #SAP communications telling stories about technology and people. Transplanted NY-er living in Oakland. Have one fab daughter & two dogs.
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Alex Karadimos
Electrical and Computer Engineer | Full Stack Web Developer, Robotics, Blockchain
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Luis Aguilar
Algorithms, Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, Rust 💻 | Site: https://insomniocode.com | GitHub: https://github.com/Lugriz 🐈🐙 | youtube: Insomniocode 🎬
Go to the profile of Arthur Flôr
Arthur Flôr
Developer of memories
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Alok Kumar
Senior Technical Architect- AIML, Data Engineering, Web Services @ IndiaMart
Go to the profile of Dr. Patricia Farrell
Dr. Patricia Farrell
Dr. Farrell is a psychologist, WebMD consultant, SAG/AFTRA member, author, interested in film, writing & health. Website: http://t.co/VT8mvcAvRz
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Babar Bhatti
Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Analytics, Product Management. Co-Founder Dallas AI. Former CEO/Co-founder @MutualMind, social analytics.
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Go to the profile of Bhaskar N Subramanian
Bhaskar N Subramanian
Founder, HobbyCue.com
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I write about current events, politics, and economics from a conservative perspective. I value debate and discussion. Twitter: @M_Quintilian
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Nicholas Mills
Striving to understand life on my terms | website: nicholasbmills.com | newsletter: nicholasbmills.com/contact | Twitter: twitter.com/nicholasbmills
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Umar Bhutta
My thoughts on artificial intelligence, software engineering, and product
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Reuben Kavalov
Data scientist and machine learning engineer with a passion for connecting people through technology and information.
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Go to the profile of Julia Menheere
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Alexey Poddiachyi
Research engineer
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John Kite
Freelance blogger, Tech geek, Runner, Storyfinder, Choco-holic, Connector of Awesomeness
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Michael Gill
CTO by day, serial creative by night. Product Consultant 🚧, Cloud Architect 🚀, Game Developer 🎮. Traveling the country with 5 whole kids and an entire wife ✈
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Anirudh V K
I just like writing stuff. Follow me for the most eloquent of brain dumps. /s
Go to the profile of Chaitanya Gupta
Chaitanya Gupta
NYU 16', Data Analyst, Marketing. Here to tell you stories from Data. Follow me on @Chaitanya_90, LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/chaitanya-gupta-3277154
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J.S. Praecordia
Cyber Security student informing the world what they need to know (and should know) about their data, privacy, and security. Enjoy the dark mode profile!
Go to the profile of Elias Chachak
Elias Chachak
Founder of CyberDB — web-based research platform provides premium data, research and analysis on vendors and solutions of the global Cyber industry worldwide.
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Michalis A. Michael
CEO @DigitalMR a tech company in artificial intelligence that has cracked the code of unstructured data.
Go to the profile of Alex Stamos
Alex Stamos
Teaching and researching the misuse of technology at Stanford. Former CSO of Facebook and Yahoo.
Go to the profile of Dr. David Martin
Dr. David Martin
I write about leadership, tech, education, current affairs and life in general from Seoul, South Korea (poetry, too!). Email me at davidpmartin@mediumauthor.com
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Tomasz Smykowski
Senior software development consultant. Programming for 20 years. TOP 2% of StackOverflow users. 2 million views on Quora. Currently Angular, TypeScript etc
Go to the profile of Emily
Business by training but an emerging technology explorer at heart. With a curiosity for tech exploration, which has paved the way for many an inspiring story.
Go to the profile of Anastasia Gorina
Anastasia Gorina
Data scientist, Math and Physics enthusiast. Enjoy working on ML projects about beauty products and fine cuisine.
Go to the profile of M.C Laubscher
M.C Laubscher
Husband, Father, host of the top-rated business & investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja. President & CEO of Producers Wealth. https://www.yourownbankingsystem.com/
Go to the profile of Fabrice Mesidor
Fabrice Mesidor
Data Scientist.. My blog mainly related to DS… Get in touch: @fabricemesidor ; https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabricemesidor/
Go to the profile of Jo Ann Harris
Jo Ann Harris
Multiple genre writer. I write for Dead Poets Live, TMI , Illumination and others. Honesty & integrity count. Editor for Wreader. Freelance writer.
Go to the profile of Ulysses Marins
Go to the profile of Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj
Blockchain Engineer | Distributed system | Ex- Red Hat | Ethereum foundation grantee
Go to the profile of Natella Speranskaya
Natella Speranskaya
Russian philosopher, cultural scientist, a specialist in Antiquity, curator of Janus Academy.
Go to the profile of Johannes Baum
Johannes Baum
Software Engineer 🚀 JavaScript 👾 TypeScript
Go to the profile of Sadrach Pierre, Ph.D.
Sadrach Pierre, Ph.D.
Data Scientist at WorldQuant Predictive. Writer for Built In & Towards Data Science. Cornell University Ph. D. in Chemical Physics.
Go to the profile of Jennifer Ribelin
Jennifer Ribelin
Love a rabbit hole. Read. Write. Teach. Mentor. Poet. Grow. Inspire. Love.
Go to the profile of Khadejah Jones
Khadejah Jones
I write about life lessons, travel, creativity, business, and productivity. Over 80,000 views on Quora. Chat with me: joneskhadejah7@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Andrew Cartwright
Andrew Cartwright
Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Researcher, Visionary Leader & Investor. 👀@ A&E, CBS, NBC, ABC. www.andrewcartwright.com Expert Real Estate, Business & Technology
Go to the profile of Meg Stewart
Meg Stewart
Freelance writer, business coach, author, software go to gal. Farm-girl at heart. Skill hoarder. Grammi of 10. Reach me at solutionsbystewart@gmail.com
Go to the profile of David Langiulli
David Langiulli
David Langiulli is an executive coach and trainer who helps leaders and their teams flourish and thrive.
Go to the profile of Kevin Abdulrahman
Kevin Abdulrahman
I publish articles on topics like life lessons, entrepreneurship, happiness, creativity, productivity and more. kevinabdulrahman.org/subscribe
Go to the profile of Kate Christensen
Kate Christensen
Data scientist and linguist
Go to the profile of Shirley J. Davis
Shirley J. Davis
I am an author/speaker living among the corn and bean fields of Illinois in the U.S.
Go to the profile of Julian Cork
Julian Cork
COO @ Landbay
Go to the profile of Darrin Atkins
Darrin Atkins
writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.
Go to the profile of Arif R
Arif R
Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast
Go to the profile of Priyasha Prasad
Priyasha Prasad
Engineer | Reader
Go to the profile of Gabriel Patterson
Gabriel Patterson
North Denver to North Vegas. Husband, father, writer, & Hip-Hop aficionado.
Go to the profile of Nicholas Feitel
Nicholas Feitel
Silly actor/coder/student/constant friend of dogs
Go to the profile of Benjamin Cain
Benjamin Cain
Knowledge condemns. Art redeems. I learned that as an artistic writer who did a doctorate in philosophy. We should try to see the dark comedy in all things.
Go to the profile of Jeff Pawlak
Jeff Pawlak
Co-founder, Streetlight.
Go to the profile of Dan Perry
Dan Perry
Author, entrepreneur and technologist who led the Associated Press in the Middle East, Africa, Europe & Caribbean. Working on solutions to help media thrive.
Go to the profile of Jelaleddin Sultanov
Jelaleddin Sultanov
Aspiring Machine Learning Engineer
Go to the profile of René Bremer
René Bremer
Data Solution Architect @ Microsoft, working with Azure services as ADFv2, ADLSgen2, Azure DevOps, Databricks, Function Apps and SQL. Opinions here are mine.
Go to the profile of Kundan Kumar
Kundan Kumar
Learner | Trainer | Engineer
Go to the profile of Ilias Xenogiannis
Ilias Xenogiannis
I am an electrical engineer student with a passion in data science.
Go to the profile of Sharad Ghimire
Sharad Ghimire
A graduate fullstack developer with love for open source. Find me at srdstacks.now.sh
Go to the profile of Katina M
Katina M
Author behind onadulting. Founder of daydreamers. Co-host of the (un)productive podcast. Creative thinker. A lot of things, but most importantly, a human being.
Go to the profile of Greg Twemlow
Greg Twemlow
sharing what I’ve learned from 35 years as a citizen-of-the-world, parent, corporate executive, entrepreneur and since 2018, CEO of a registered charity
Go to the profile of Ludovic Lambert
Ludovic Lambert
Student engineer in Information systems & technophile
Go to the profile of Faith Inello
Faith Inello
Innovator at The Knowledge Society. My ambition in life is to mitigate the symptoms of neurological conditions through research in exponential technologies!
Go to the profile of Marichelle E. Urquico
Marichelle E. Urquico
Part-time writer and a full-time learner.
Go to the profile of Jason Dsouza
Jason Dsouza
I train ConvNets. Currently building Caer, a Computer Vision library in Python.
Go to the profile of Mika Y.
Mika Y.
Engineer, artist, photographer, watch collector. <mikaomarr@gmail.com>
Go to the profile of Siddhi Trivedi
Siddhi Trivedi
Global citizen building an inclusive community through social innovation. Champion for women in tech. #AI #Blockchain #IOT
Go to the profile of Christopher Balkaran
Christopher Balkaran
Christopher is a firm believer in balanced political discourse, which can lead to a better world. Creator of the Strong and Free Podcast.
Go to the profile of Kamga Tchassa
Kamga Tchassa
Cameroonian writer and video creator. Featured in LEVEL and P.S. I Love You. I write about building relationships and personal transformation.
Go to the profile of Marlon Weems
Marlon Weems
Storyteller | Economy | Politics | Inequality | Subscribe to my weekly-ish newsletter: https://thejourneyman.substack.com
Go to the profile of Thom Lane
Thom Lane
Machine Learning Scientist for AWS AI
Go to the profile of Eric Feng
Eric Feng
Leading Commerce Incubations at $FB. Was co-founder at Packagd (acq.), GP at Kleiner Perkins, and writing messy code at Hulu, Flipboard, Erly (acq.), and $MSFT.
Go to the profile of Michael Barnard
Michael Barnard
Chief Strategist, TFIE Strategy Inc. Business and technical future-proofing. Top Writer Quora since 2013. CleanTechnica, Forbes, Quartz+ more. In 4 books.
Go to the profile of Shawna O’Neal
Shawna O’Neal
Longtime Craft CMS developer and Clean Code practitioner. Analogy afficianado. Contents may include salt.
Go to the profile of Anna Lisbeth
Anna Lisbeth
I’m a blockchain analyst at CES and also an avid learner of the technology and its advancements.
Go to the profile of Saar Tochner
Saar Tochner
Ph.D. student at The Hebrew University & Full Stack Software Developer at Lumigo
Go to the profile of Danny Preussler
Danny Preussler
Android @ Soundcloud, Google Developer Expert, Conference Nomad, Geek, Goth, Cyborg, Ex @Viacom @Groupon @eBay ♡ Kotlin ♡ TDD ♡ Clean Code
Go to the profile of Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy
Writing about the beautiful journey of life and love. We are all figuring this out together
Go to the profile of Deval Patrick
Deval Patrick
Former Massachusetts Governor. Committed to the values of generational responsibility and the politics of conviction.
Go to the profile of Ben Boehlert
Ben Boehlert
“Do something kind, make someone laugh, and don’t take yourself too seriously.”
Go to the profile of Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen
Swiss law & econ major
Go to the profile of Sunny Chugh
Sunny Chugh
Research Fellow @ City, University of London | PhD in Machine Learning for Photonics Applications
Go to the profile of Jeremy Helligar
Jeremy Helligar
Brother Son Husband Friend Loner Minimalist World Traveler. Author of “Is It True What They Say About Black Men?” and “Storms in Africa” https://rb.gy/3mthoj
Go to the profile of Jordan T Romero
Jordan T Romero
Flatiron Full-Stack Student.
Go to the profile of Claire G.
Claire G.
Chronic illness blogger at throughthefibrofog.com and on Instagram @through.the.fibro.fog
Go to the profile of Karolina Honzova
Karolina Honzova
I read a lot of books and write about what I read in these books. I educate myself. Enthusiastic chef, health & fitness advocate, traveler, and marketer.
Go to the profile of J. Lee Hazlett
J. Lee Hazlett
Avid reader. Writer of fiction and non-fiction. Lifelong traveler and learner. Ardent admirer of detailed end notes and bibliographies.
Go to the profile of Nicole Bryan
Nicole Bryan
Learner, Leader, Executive Coach, Real Estate Investor, Immigrant & Inspired Mother. Writes about Personal Development & Mindset. Email: bryannicole@hotmail.com
Go to the profile of Hani Ameri
Hani Ameri
Let’s Go out there to make the shift for a Growth Mindset. Learn. Do. and Teach. Cut the mustard for your success. Let’s connect! https://KnowledgeBedrock.com
Go to the profile of Christina Vadivelu
Christina Vadivelu
On a path to impact billions. Yeah, billions.
Go to the profile of Yehia El Taher
Yehia El Taher
I write about tech| ✍🏽 Writer | 🔗 yetchb.it for my articles in Italian. Is all about Tech Guys! Listen to my Podcast “The Review”: 👉 https://bit.ly/3hHPdpY
Go to the profile of Robyn McCullough
Robyn McCullough
Management Consultant in Silicon Valley | Masters of Public Administration at University of San Francisco www.instagram.com/mccullougrs/
Go to the profile of Kim Jagwe
Kim Jagwe
Kim Jagwe, lover of the written word and COO of Sowl Studios. I’m an eternal dream chaser and encourager of people! My home is www.kimjagwe.com
Go to the profile of Dr. Thomas J. West III
Dr. Thomas J. West III
Ph.D. in English | Film and TV geek | Lover of fantasy and history | Full-time writer | Feminist and queer | Liberal scold and gadfly
Go to the profile of Corey Jaskolski
Corey Jaskolski
I develop and deploy impossible technologies. Founder and CEO of Synthetaic, the leading synthetic data company. National Geographic Fellow.
Go to the profile of Viktor Tachev
Viktor Tachev
Driving growth to FinTech startups, blockchain ventures, banks, and asset managers. Consulting | Planning | Writing | Reaping rewards. https://viktortachev.com/
Go to the profile of Anthony Marwan D
Anthony Marwan D
Life is a Never Ending Learning Process| Socio-Political-Identity Enthusiast| Urban Development | Understanding this world through a polychromatic perspective
Go to the profile of Claudia Stack
Claudia Stack
I am an educator/filmmaker. See stackstories.com to link to docs. Subscribe: http://stackstories.com/subscribe-to-get-emails-with-new-articles-and-film-info/
Go to the profile of Lisa Beth Wright
Lisa Beth Wright
The Inspirational introvert! 🌟 Writer, Poet, Musician, Photographer, Graphic Artist, artisticmysticsoul.com ☕️ ko-fi.com/lisabethwright
Go to the profile of Melissa Toldy
Melissa Toldy
Writer based in Brooklyn, NY.
Go to the profile of Lorik Gagica
Lorik Gagica
BSc in Human Sciences in Geography & Urbanism | MA in Political Geography || The more you know, the less they fool you. That’s why I like to share knowledge.⁣
Go to the profile of Christine Paciello
Christine Paciello
Founder of Herwork Coaching, LLC
Go to the profile of Harsh Mehta
Harsh Mehta
Freelancer.Have expertise in HTML5, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JQUERY,Python.
Go to the profile of Vik, PhD
Vik, PhD
Doctor of Science in Math — Teacher — Coach/Counselor. Writing about things I care about. Self-Development, Relationships, and Financial Advice!
Go to the profile of Alex Duterte
Alex Duterte
Fullstack Software Engineer
Go to the profile of Farah
A Domestic Abuse Survivor, Single Mom extraordinaire. Fighting for my family’s right to be together. Contact: Farah.broomandi@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Alisher Abdulkhaev
Alisher Abdulkhaev
Machine Learning Engineer @ Browzzin & board member of Machine Learning Tokyo: https://medium.com/@mltokyo
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Fahmi Nurfikri
A Minimalist | AI/NLP Engineer | https://github.com/fahmisalman
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Leonardo Lima
Computer Engineering student, C++ and Python developer, robotics and astronautics enthusiast, and open source defender
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Prossy Nansubuga
Author. Book freak and way realistic about life. The power is pen, let's put those imaginations on paper.
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Uddeshya Singh
Google Summer of Code ’19 @fossasia | @tensorflow, @fossasia Mentor — Google Code In ’19 | Full Stack Developer by Profession, Writer and Reader by hobby
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Thomas Christopher
Science, politics, personal.
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Saša Milić
Co-founder, API3 & Data Scientist, Gauntlet Networks