AI Chatbots are the new cool, but only if you keep these factors in mind

Divyesh Dharaiya
Jan 4 · 5 min read

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. Just by merely taking a look around you, it is easy to spot how AI has penetrated our lives so wonderfully without us even realizing it. Right from the smartphone to mobile applications, laptops, software, wearable devices, home automation supplies, and much more. AI has become an indispensable part of our lives. The same goes for businesses all across the world. Like a chain reaction, due to emerging customer demands organizations are looking for new ways to implement things, much faster and rapidly. And because the technologies are being adopted by titans in the field, customers want them even more readily.

But, while artificial intelligence was feared when it emerged in the 1940s as a faintly recognized concept, we can’t imagine our lives without it now. Organizations and enterprises all over the world are utilizing it for all sorts of purposes. Be it for the automation of tasks, simplification of processes or streamlining multiple departments, organizations are more than reluctant to adopt AI. While this is helping organizations to a great extent it is also enabling more advanced services for the customer.

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One of the most prominent and refreshing technologies that have transformed businesses who are utilizing it is chatbots. Even though they are considered an emerging technology, the use of chatbots is rapidly expanding in businesses all across the world. One of the biggest reasons behind this lies in the fact that chatbots have a huge potential for small and medium enterprises to carve a niche in the market with their customer service and establish a good rapport with the customer.

Since tech titans are the first ones to implement emerging changes in the world and present them to the customer, it ultimately comes down to small and medium enterprises to carry these forward so that the customers continue being engaged with their brand. With artificial intelligence-powered chatbots at the rescue, even the small and medium enterprises have the capability to stand out and keep the customer engaged. Moreover, chatbots in many ways guarantee a heightened level of services for the customer, keeping them satisfied at the end of the day.

Imagine this situation, you head to the customer service of a brand to know the status of the refund for an order that has been recently placed. Did you have to wait for an agent to connect over the line on the live chat? Or did you send them an email, expecting a reply in 24 to 48 hours? Surely, it wasn’t a great experience since nobody likes to be kept waiting. The point is that customers are still going through this kind of experience in their day to day lives. They have to wait for hours to get a resolution on the simplest of queries. Not only is this a hard time for them but when they spot someone with an impressive customer service they want to switch for the sake of efficiency and fast services.

But, imagine the same situation with chatbots. With preprocessed answers to be fetched, chatbots make the lives of people easier. On one hand, it is providing immediate and quick responses to the customer, while on the other hand, easing the burden of customer service on the business. Simple questions are answered in seconds, while those that require special attention are directed to customer representatives.

Take Amazon’s chat support as an example. It perfectly answers the customer’s query by helping them choose the orders that they are facing trouble with, along with many personalized options that can be availed with just a click. Moreover, if the customer wants additional support, a live agent is connected to the chat immediately. By harnessing the best of artificial intelligence, Amazon takes chatbots to the next level.

The Era of Conversational Commerce

Chatbots offer many python development services such as better customer experiences, increased customer engagements along with increased sales and conversion rates. Also, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their sub-niches like natural language processing, chatbots are becoming more efficient than ever, with the options of more than one language among others. The best improvement has been observed in their ability to interact with humans at an emotional level, just like any human agent would do.

Moreover, the era of conversational commerce is already in the world. Customers are making all sorts of purchases online including some of the biggest appliances and smartphones. While e-commerce has made everything much easier, customers still need an agent like experience that can take them through the tour of products like a person. Chatbots demonstrate their efficiency in helping businesses accomplish this, with the added effect of personalization.

Remember These

According to a report by the Business Insider, by the year 2020, nearly 80 percent of the businesses will utilize chatbots. This will also help reduce customer service costs in business by 30 percent. But, this doesn’t mean that organizations should start using chatbots like robots that respond like a computerized answering machine. Instead, the focus behind the implementation of chatbots should be to make them user-friendly and personalized, if not human-like.

  • Chatbots must aim to respond like humans, but must not pretend to be one. No matter which industry you’re in, when choosing chatbots, you must focus it on providing value to the customer instead of just acting like one. The point is that customers are smart and know that they are chatting to a bot. All they need is the value and answers that they’re looking for.


Even as you adopt chatbots for your business, make gradual improvements to them. Feed them with real-time information so that they stay relevant and learn from experiences. The key to excelling with chatbots is grooming your chatbots just like you do your business.

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