Altcoin Season 2020: What Coins Should You Fundamentally Be Bullish On?

Sal Miah
Sal Miah
Feb 6 · 9 min read
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There is a clear indication that the markets are bullish- altcoin season may have finally arrived. The majority of the altcoins in the market have discouraging charts. After the successful altcoin year in 2017, most of the altcoins suffered a steep decline as a result of the failing cryptocurrency market at the time. However, with markets picking up, which altcoins would make for the best investment in 2020?

The damages from 2017 are not yet fully healed; however, there have been glimmers of hope in some altcoins. 2019 saw a good number of altcoins make some positive steps towards profitability.

Decentralized platforms were taking different business approaches to try and navigate the unpredictable cryptocurrency economy. Many platforms improved their services and formed partnerships with talented players in their respective fields.

A recovering cryptocurrency market also contributed to the rise in the performance of the altcoin market.

As we progress further into the year, some altcoins are exhibiting signs of success. Based on our assessment, this article highlights some of the altcoins that we believe you should be fundamentally bullish on.

Ethereum (ETH)

The platform unsurprisingly tops our list of altcoins to be bullish on. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is arguably the highest-ranking cryptocurrency in the market. It’s also not surprising that Ethereum (ETH) is only second to Bitcoin in terms of market cap.

Vitalik Buterin, the brains behind the Ethereum platform, was an early Bitcoin enthusiast who saw an opportunity beyond the payment solution that Bitcoin was famous for. Ethereum was then created, offering a myriad of opportunities to the more significant blockchain network and community.

Its features were the missing link in the blockchain network. After its smart contract feature was established, the decentralized community was able to grow, utilizing smart contracts to venture into every available industry.

The demand for Ethereum (ETH) rose as the popularity and practicality of the platform also increased.

However, the cryptocurrency also suffered during the bear market, which greatly affected the entire cryptocurrency industry. This saw Ethereum (ETH) drop from a high of $1,200 to under $100 within a year.

As aforementioned, 2019 breathed in new hope in the altcoin market, and one of the indicators of this was Ethereum’s improving performance in the market.

Aside from the general upward trend, Ethereum also made itself marketable by improving its service to challenge upcoming “modern” blockchain protocols. Part of their decline is attributed to their slow network, which could quickly become congested (Remember the CryptoKitties incidence?).

With a faster platform, demand for Ethereum (ETH) will likely increase as more developers opt to set up d’Apps in already established protocols.

2020 may just be the year for Ethereum (ETH). The least one can do keep tabs on the progress of the cryptocurrency.


INSTAR makes it on the top 2 of our carefully curated list for an excellent reason. The platform behind the cryptocurrency has been making all the right moves behind the scenes. It’s only a matter of time before the market notices the brilliance of the platform and its cryptocurrency skyrockets.

The platform serves an integral part of the world’s economy, providing ethically sourced data for data consumers. The platform is arguably in one of the most lucrative industries globally.

Instars have been improving their services to serve their user base better and attract potential users to their platform.

Having suffered from the bear market that ensued right after the bullish 2017, Instars is now on the path to recovery.

The platform is also making some exciting partnerships that will prove vital soon. Its strategies resonate with its user base based on the positive feedback they receive on their Twitter handle.

Instars are also among the leading free crypto earning platforms globally, which adds on to its list of impressive features.

With its progressive features and strategic partnerships, more people may join the platform driving the value of INSTAR even higher. The platform is already establishing itself as a leader among free crypto earning platforms. This can easily translate to the increased value of its cryptocurrency.

Keep a close watch on INSTAR, significant gains may be coming!

Zilliqa (ZIL)

The platform was born out of the necessity to improve scalability within the blockchain ecosystem. It joined a host of other platforms addressing the same problem. However, the platform has a chance of outdoing its competitors and establishing its cryptocurrency in the market.

Upon its release in 2018, Zilliqa (ZIL) was able to surpass a $1 billion market cap. Despite its early achievement, the cryptocurrency had to battle harsh prevailing conditions, which saw it lose more than half of its value and market cap.

The platform still has the potential to establish its relevance. Zilliqa has been improving its platform, in a bid to achieve better scalability and speeds.

Its latest upgrade has made the platform enterprise-ready at a crucial time when more industries are considering adopting blockchain to improve on productivity.

The potential of Zilliqa to become an industry staple is enough to improve the value of ZIL. Investors may find Zilliqa a worthy underdog.

Aelf (ELF)

Arguably the best platform in enterprise blockchain, Aelf, is continually showing why it deserves the title.

The platform is crafted to make it adaptable to any industry and any form of business or structure undertaken. It is also designed to serve as many different branches of an enterprise as one can envision.

Its Merkle tree architecture and sidechain structure allow the platform to serve the many needs of busy enterprises adequately. Further, Aelf executes this for as many enterprises as can be supported by its platform.

With the future of blockchain seemingly relying on enterprise adoption, Aelf (ELF) may find itself on a higher upward trajectory.

ELF may be an exciting option for investors!

Tomochain (TOMO)

Another platform attempting to solve the intricate scalability problem in the blockchain ecosystem is Tomochain. However, the platform already has its work cut out. It faces stiff competition from two platforms already on this list and probably hundreds more in the blockchain ecosystem.

Despite the enormous mountain, it must climb, Tomochain shows some promise. TOMO recently achieved a market cap of $33.19 million and is trading 8.2% stronger against the dollar.

These are signs that the platform may be another unexpected investment option.

Tomochain still has a lot to do to prove its uniqueness and practicality in the market. However, it seems it is already appealing to a growing demographic.


The Machine Xchange Coin (MXC) is in an interesting industry in terms of service and economically.

MXC is the token that powers the data-driven IoT platform.

The platform hopes to help create smart cities globally through interconnections by IoT devices located in strategic spots in these cities. The data can then be leveraged for different services.

MXC is the token that drives the entire smart city ecosystem.

The MXC network is powered by LPWAN technology, which makes the transfer of data between IoT devices fast and secure for seamless transfer of data within the network.

The smart cities concept by the MXC team resulted in encouraging partnerships being formed. Other cities may join the likes of Shanghai in adopting the MXC set up. This may set up an interesting price drive of the MXC token in the market.

MXC may turn out to be a lucrative investment option for investors.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

The data economy has attracted a lot of attention.

Ocean Protocol is another entrance in the data economy, attempting to make the world a better place through equalizing data for all.

The platform bridges the gap between data consumers and data producers, thus eliminating the middleman. By linking data consumers directly to producers, Ocean Protocol hopes to make data sharing and selling secure, without the involvement of unnecessary third parties.

Ocean Protocol will likely face stiff competition; however, the platform has been on an upward trajectory, which is very encouraging considering the platforms it has to compete with.

It won’t be a surprise if OCEAN turns out as the most profitable cryptocurrency investment of 2020.

Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash was released in 2016 as a fork of bitcoin. The platform focuses more on the privacy ad security of transactions made. Zcash uses a Zero-knowledge proof system to ensure that all transactions made via its platform are anonymous and secure.

The transactions carried out are also quick and efficient as compared to other options in the market.

ZEC fuels transactions within Zcash thus can be directly affected by the popularity or lack thereof of Zcash. However, Zcash seems to have stagnated for a while, according to CoinMarketap. The only option left for the platform is moving up.

VeChain (VET)

The platform was responsible for numerous headlines in 2019 as a result of its partnerships and its market movements.

VeChain managed to get a lucrative partnership with Walmart in China, which sparked an interest in VET. Its price movements also made headlines as the blockchain community saw potential in the cryptocurrency.

In 2020, the platform needs to do more than just headlines, it has the potential to grow into a supply giant if it plays its cards right.

More partnerships and more real-world demonstration of what VeChain can do will help put the platform on the world map.

Investors may find pumping more life into VeChain through VET rewarding.

Chainlink (LINK)

The platform is quite an attractive outfit offering services in a very niche market in the blockchain ecosystem.

Chainlink serves as the link between off-chain storage and on-chain storage. Its service is especially crucial for enterprises with sensitive data that would be safer in off-chain storage.

Further, its services are also crucial for enterprises that operate on data that is not necessarily found on-chain. The connection it allows makes various processes within enterprise seamless and more secure.

Chainlink will have more suitors in 2020, a reason to be bullish about the link.

Altcoins have come a long way, and their progress can be seen in their improved platforms. However, there is still more that can be done, and that can be done through the support of hawk-eyed investors who can spot an excellent opportunity from afar.

Most of these altcoins are on a path to success and just need something extra to push them into profit-making productivity.

Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advice in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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from confusion to clarity, not insanity

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