Are you using the best social media for your business?

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Social media runs the world! Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but according to 42% of the global population use social media daily. This means a large percentage of your customers could be reached online for FREE!

Now, though these are some powerful tools, if used towards the wrong audience it will defeat the purpose.

The majority of adults use Facebook and Youtube, while young adults are heavy on Snap and Insta! But why is this important? Because it will lead you to use the correct social media according to your audience, services, and products.

Did you ever think of that? If you have this post is probably not for you, but if you haven’t, sit tight and take notes.

The first thing you must do before making your own social media cocktail is: identify your avatar (your lead, your persona, your audience)! You must have a clear description of who they are, by age, gender, region, culture, education, financial conditions, etc.

Second, what kind of problem does your product (or service) solve? What kind of solution does it provide? Your answer will tell you exactly what your audience is in search for and who they are. I know it sounds obvious, but many people do not focus on the concept of what they have to offer, what their audience is looking for and where to find such an audience on purpose.

Inexperienced retailers shoot in the dark, everywhere, without a clear message and a distinct language in hopes to find people who will buy their services. But if they would focus on speaking directly to their audience, in their language and in places where they are most likely to be they would get better results from their marketing efforts on social media.

For example, you have designed a medicinal orthopedic insole for people with spider vein issues. According to the Chicago Vein Institute, this means your main audience is 55% women, and 45% men and 40 million Americans over the age of 50 are affected by it. You may probably be able to offer your product on every social media platform out there, but you will not be successful in all of them. Offering it on Snapchat with flashy filters and neon letters, for example, may not be suitable for your product since most users are teenagers who are spider-vein-free. You would be better of with Facebook.

Human beings are moved by pleasure or pain, once you understand which role your product plays in providing towards any of those two needs you can decide how and where to advertise it.

Knowing who your client is and what they are looking for exactly can help you determine:

· How to speak to them (language & tone)

· How to find them (location)

· How to reach out to them (network & channels)

· And what kind of social media to use!(marketing tools)

“Social media provides targeting capability, as well as reach and scale, at a lower cost than almost all other marketing channels. People are on social media all day, every day — brands must go where the people are.” — said Abdul Muhammad, chief digital officer and partner at RBB Communications, said in a previous Business News Daily interview.

I have selected 7 of the most popular Social Media at the moment to help you start your own research and find the best fit for your business.


This is the most popular social media out there with 2.27 Billion monthly users, 4.5 million businesses Fan pages, 1.74 billion users on mobile daily and 1.47 billion on desktop daily. Wow! Even after all the scandals lately, they remain in first place above all other Social Media.

Facebook is a great platform for any kind of business because it has a directory feel to it, people can find your page through google search (and other engines) even if they do not have a Facebook account. People seek fan pages in search of information, phone numbers, addresses, updates, store hours, etc. They also get to LIKE the page to stay up to date and news from that particular company.

The platform allows you to post photos, videos, links and so on. It lets you interact through Facebook live, direct messages and has advanced paid advertising tools that allow you to choose the exact audience you are searching for according to gender, age, and region.

According to 53% of Facebook users are female and 47% male. 62% of online seniors are 65+ and 72% of them are between the age of 50 and 64. 88% of online users of age 18–29 are on Facebook and 84% of those are between the ages of 30 and 49.

It´s a pretty balanced social media, which explains why it is suitable for all sorts of businesses.

Ps: 34% of teenagers think Facebook is for old people. (lol)

Facebook Business


Now, this platform is for short-updates, comments, announcements but most of all for direct interaction with your followers and customers. It allows you to connect through photos, videos, links, direct messages, and even conduct polls to help you get feedback from your audience! Oh, and hashtags are a big thing on twitter it is a magnet to bring in the #potentialcustomers you are searching for! (Using the right ones though is key.)

Even though you can advertise on this platform, most people on it are there to interact, not just to receive basic information as with Facebook. On Twitter, people expect interesting posts, lastest news, quotes, replies, likes, comments, and followers. It´s an amazing platform for customer service!

On twitter you cannot be boring, it must stay interesting and engaging enough to keep people interacting and coming back. I recently came across Wendy´s page through, and I was shocked to see a fast food joint so popular on Twitter. Reason being, they interact with their customers like a real person, with jokes, funny comments, and replies, not as the company itself but as a person in the company. Make sense? They have almost 3 million followers, extremely funny tweets, replying to customers without hesitations. This is genius! Wendy´s captured what Twitter is all about.

Sometimes what wouldn’t be suitable for your company with a little creativity you can turn it into a possibility!

According to Twitter has over 330 million active users evenly split by gender who are most likely millennials either in college or with college degrees.

Twitter Business


Insta is a very popular platform mainly focused on good quality images and videos allowing you to promote services and products in an arty and attractive way. It´s a visual platform, requires creativity and appealing content not necessarily the best for announcements, updates involving lots of text. However, once your platform becomes popular with enough followers doing all of those things might be fine.

Instagram is all about fashion, travel, gastronomy, and interestingly enough it showcases lots of self-help pages, with quotes and positive content! And more…

This social media allows you to go live making it a great platform to socialize and captivate new followers. You can also promote your posts through Instagram ads according to the region reaching out to your perfect audience.

According to Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, 59% between the age of 18 and 29 and 33% between 30 and 49 years old. 80% are from the US, and 68% are female.

Instagram Business


This is a more “conventional” platform when compared to others mentioned on this post, meant for business contacts and networking, with over 526 million users, 56% are male and 44% female with 70% of its users operating outside the US. 61 million Users are Senior Level Influencers, and 40 million have decision making positions and 13% are millennials, according to

LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented platform operating via websites and apps, mainly used for professional networking including employers posting jobs and job seekers post their resumes.

Each profile allows users to post a resume and biography which is available to a network of contacts and businesses on the platform. Whether you are an individual searching to network or a business searching for employees, you can connect with people from all around. LinkedIn pages make individuals and companies look legitimate and professional.

It allows you to search for people according to specifications. It also allows you to post articles, photos, videos and more.

LinkedIn is for every business, just like Facebook even if you choose not to use this platform to interact is serves as a great directory.

LinkenIn Business


This is all about video-sharing! Videos are evaluated by the number of thumbs up it gets and many comments. This is pretty much a learning and review platform, anything you need you can find on Youtube. Youtubers in our days must work hard to offer good content. So unless your company is ready to provide good informative content this may not be for you.

However, Youtube ads is a great tool for companies because it allows your ads to show up on popular videos and specific audiences!

According to It has 1.9 Billion users watching videos monthly around the age of 35+ and 55+ where 62% of them are male, and 80% are outside the US.

YouTube Business


This is mostly a DIY kind of social media. There are several companies selling their clothing and art on Pinterest, however, it is mainly focused on people who are creating their own products, or teaching others how to make their own.

This is a platform with images that are dreamy, to say the least, whether you are trying to discover new recipes, home ideas, lifestyle information, or other ideas to try! Pinterest is another visual and artistic platform like Instagram you leave these platforms wanting everything you see (lol). If your company fits in any of those categories, this is a great platform for you!

Pinterest has 250 million active monthly users, 81% female, mostly millennials where the average age is around 40 yrs old, and 50% of users are in the US.

Pinterest Business


This is a multimedia messaging platform. The most unique and interesting feature is that messages, images, and videos shared on the platform disappear giving users a more relaxed feel without the need of being extra professional. It has famous dog filters and flower crowns, and new filters on a daily basis. Snap is fresh, fun and young.

This is great for companies that have interesting content to share daily like a traveling, for example, showing different parts of the world and traveling ideas. Maybe you are in the food business and would like to make food videos whiuch happen to be so popular right now.

Snapchat makes people feel closer and intimate for being able to see images and videos right when the action is happening or within a 24 hr period.

The platform has over 300 million monthly active users, 71% under the age of 34 and 70% female.

Snapchat Business


The best part about using social media as a marketing tool is the fact that it allows you to connect to your audience in many forms for free, and usually hassle-free. Of course, you can pay to promote yourself even more with paid ads, but you can also do it yourself and conquer your grounds organically.

Social media allows you to engage, create awareness, sell, generate leads, maintain relationships with current and potential customers, and create a strong community around your services and products. And eventually, your audience becomes your best marketer, showcasing comments, likes, and reviews at your best interest!

Interacting with the right audience is fundamental. Social Media can ignite many potential relationships which can lead to faithful customers globally. All the platforms mentioned in this post support dozens of different languages, and if it interests you, you do not have to be stuck in one specific region, you can take advantage of that by pairing up your social media marketing with cryptocurrency blockchain, and your business would become a global-market instantaneously.

There is so much more information out there and I hope this post has given you some ideas and tools to help you conduct your own research and find demographics to help you make social media work in your favor!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments,

The Okane Pay Team

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