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Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles

Suhasini Gadam
Apr 19, 2018 · 6 min read
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What is Artificial Intelligence?

John McCarthy, a computer scientist, coined the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in 1955. AI is defined as the ability of a computer program or machine to think, learn and make decisions. In general use, the term means a machine which mimics human cognition. With AI, we are getting computer programs and machines to do what humans do. We are feeding these programs and machines with a massive amount of data that is analyzed and processed to ultimately think logically and perform human actions. The process of automating repetitive human tasks is just the tip of the AI iceberg, medical diagnostics equipment and autonomous cars have implemented AI with the objective of saving human lives.

The Growth of AI in Automotive

The automotive AI market reported that it is expected to be valued at $783 million in 2017 and expected to reach close to $11k million by 2025, at a CAGR of about 38.5%. IHS Markit predicted that the installation rate of AI-based systems of new vehicles would rise by 109% in 2025, compared to the adoption rate of 8% in 2015. AI-based systems will become a standard in new vehicles especially in these two categories:

  1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, including camera-based machine vision systems, radar-based detection units, driver condition evaluation and sensor fusion engine control units (ECUs).

How Does AI Work in Autonomous Vehicles?

AI has become a popular buzz word these days, but how does it actually work in autonomous vehicles?

AI Perception Action Cycle in Autonomous Vehicles

A repetitive loop, called Perception Action Cycle, is created when the autonomous vehicle generates data from its surrounding environment and feeds it into the intelligent agent, who in turn makes decisions and enables the autonomous vehicle to perform specific actions in that same environment. The figure below illustrates the data flow in autonomous vehicles:

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