Best Recruiting Software | Top 12 Recruiting Software in 2019

Hardik Vishwakarma
Jun 20, 2019 · 6 min read
Top 12 recruiting software in 2019

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” — Jim Collin

The world around us is changing rapidly. In our world today, technology is integrated into every aspect of our lives and plays a major role in the process of our goal achievements. Right from delivering food to keeping track of our health status, technology has taken over everything and the recruitment process is not untouched by it either. In the process of talent acquisition and hiring, recruiting software have emerged drastically in recent years and has made the work lives of recruiters and hiring managers easy and systematic.

Recruiting Facts:

1. It takes 42 days on an average to fill a vacant position. (SHRM)

2. $1,872 is spent on average by small businesses to hire someone new. (Monster)

3. It takes 5–6 weeks on an average to get a job offer. (MRINetwork)

4. 60% of job seekers stopped filling out a job application because the process was too long. (Officevibe)

5. 2/3rd of all job seekers will go straight to your careers page when they’re interested in working for you. (Workable)

6. 75% of hiring and talent managers use recruiting software and/or applicant tracking software when hiring. (Capterra)

What Is Recruiting Software?

In the simplest words, recruiting software is a software that helps the hiring professionals and recruiters to optimize and systemize the hiring process, right from the beginning to the end. It is a category of Human Resource Management (HRM) that streamlines and automates the various sub-processes involved in the whole recruiting process, from attracting top talents to onboarding them so that it becomes more efficient and effective. Sometimes a recruitment software is also called an applicant tracking system(ATS), though these two are not exactly the same. Recruiting software is a broader category that encapsulates an ATS as well as many other recruiting tools. So, a Recruiting Software is a complete package that simplifies the job of recruiters.

Why use Recruiting Software?

90% of Fortune 500 Companies Use an Applicant Tracking System- Forbes.

There’s absolutely no denial to the fact that the recruiting process is time-consuming. Recruiters and hiring managers often face resume overload and the pressure to sort and rank every application and forward it further to the next person. Candidates need to be screened, interviewed and on-boarded. Overall, it’s a complex and high volume process. That’s why recruiters need to pay attention to the benefits of using recruiting software and use them to enhance their recruiting process.

  • Recruiting Software increases the efficiency of the hiring process by automating almost all the mundane tasks that are involved in the complete hiring process. It not only makes the process and results efficient, but it also makes hiring very time efficient.
  • Hiring is not a one-person job. It takes a whole team to hire someone, every individual having a different role to play. Recruiting software provides a better experience to all the stakeholders by making the hiring process more informative and fast.
  • A recruiting software empowers the analytics and reporting of the hiring process. Procuring periodic reports of how the recruiting process is happening and keeping recruiters updated with process bottlenecks becomes quite easy with the prescriptive and data-based analysis.

As digitization took place and more and more recruiters and HR personnel started getting into it, the recruiting software market bloomed. As of today, recruiters have hundreds of options to choose from. In today’s competitive world, it becomes critical for recruiters to use the best recruitment software. To make the decision of choosing the best simpler, let’s take a look at some of the best Recruitment Software Of 2019.

1. Recooty

Recooty is the easiest recruiting software for businesses to build their great teams. Gartner Digital Markets has recently compared over 320 applicant tracking systems where Recooty made to the top because of its simplicity & affordability. It makes it easy to attract, engage, hire and retain the best talents. Recooty is a complete package for recruiters & SME’s.

2. Taleo

Taleo is Oracle’s fully integrated talent acquisition solution which serves large enterprises, it includes recruitment marketing and employee referrals to source talent, provides end-to-end recruiting automation, and streamline employee onboarding. Taleo is used by most of the large enterprises to automate their hiring process.

3. Workable

Workable is an all-in-one recruiting. It’s a single system for companies to find, track and evaluate great talents. It’s easy to use and can be quickly implemented. The installation of Workable is absolutely free. Workable accelerates the hiring process by finding the best fit faster and improving the hiring team collaboration.

4. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit manages every aspect of recruitment for a company, from job requisition to interview scheduling. Zoho Recruit has been the choice of top-performing recruiters for streamlining their hiring process and manages the current as well as potential candidates effectively.

5. BambooHR

BambooHR has easy onboarding tools and an award-winning applicant tracking as a part of their HR platform. BambooHR provides amazing reporting capabilities including equal employment opportunity and benefits reports. BambooHR makes recruiting and onboarding the new-hire transitioning very smooth and easy.

6. Freshteam

Freshteam is an easy-to-use, intuitive and affordable Recruitment Software. It helps recruiters to effectively source, screen, interview and hire great talents. With Freshteam, recruiters can easily share job postings, set up career pages, and collaborate with the hiring team.

7. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is an efficient and affordable Recruitment software which is much more than just an ATS. It effectively helps companies to build a winning hiring culture with great results. Greenhouse enables its clients to stay ahead in the competition of talent acquisition.

8. BreezyHR

BreezyHR is an end-to-end Recruitment Software. It effectively modernizes the recruiting process by helping recruiters attract and hire great employees with minimal effort. It provides a clear vision of the applicants and in what stage they are currently. The drag and drop manage system allows recruiters to have absolute control over candidates.

9. iCIMS Recruit

iCIMS supports recruiters effectively and helps them to win the war for talent. Their Applicant Tracking System makes it very easy to find and hire the best candidates. iCIMS is one of the largest standalone talent acquisition software providers. It supports organizations to manage every step of their recruitment life cycle.

10. Talentlyft

Talentlyft is an all-in-one Recruitment software that provides marketing and applicant tracking solution all under one platform. It helps the company to attract, find, select and hire the best fit who are suitable to their needs and have an efficient workflow. It’s a complete package at affordable pricing.

11. Recruiterflow

Recruiterflow is a modern recruitment software that provides an ATS, sourcing and CRM solutions to recruiters. It lets recruiters attract talents, engage them and retain them while managing the various processes effectively. Recruiters can source candidates with the chrome plugin of Recruiterflow and find anyone’s contact information.

12. Teamtailor

Teamtailor is an easy-to-use Recruitment Software which encapsulates ATS, careers site and an analytics dashboard. Teamtailor has changed the way recruiters work with candidate flow and employer branding. Teamtailor seamlessly connects all the social media handles of a company. Also, Teamtailor lets candidates apply with just a click on their phones or tablets.

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