Announcing BitMED’s Digital Wallet

Recent technological advancements in a number of industries, banking, retail, and healthcare included, enabled the kind of near real-time access to services that even a decade ago we were only dreaming about. Back then we used to go to the Bank to get a mortgage, we used to call to schedule a doctor appointment or we got an email with last night’s NBA scores. It worked, but I hope you and I can agree that the whole thing was clunky, disconnected and … anything but frictionless!

They say that everything old becomes new again. I sure hope none of that old modus vivendi will ever “become new again”. Instead, I want things to “just work”!

As you probably know, BitMED had embarked on a quest to deliver cost-free and frictionless healthcare to the world. No more having to drive to an office to see a doctor. No more waiting in the doctor’s office surrounded by sick people. No more having to call in to find out if your prescription is ready. No more struggling to figure out if your medical condition warrants a doctor visit or a just bit of personal downtime and rest will do it.

In a frictionless world …

We expect most of the technical inner-workings to be hidden from us. We expect to engage in a human-level. We expect to be unconstrained by some rigidly mechanic machine. We want things to just work! And … that’s exactly what BitMED is all about!

Early on we realized that building a completely frictionless healthcare service is not only about leveraging some best-in-class (and mindless!) automated machine. That too, but first and foremost, where it’s at is connecting on a human level. More so, be able to help out the member regardless of technical know-how, cultural preferences, or geo-demographics. To make it work, we started with building a strong services portfolio and then put that at the member’s disposal. Next, we focused on leading the member through their journey. BitMED’s service portfolio includes Care, Content (curated), peer-to-peer Communities, Blockchain-secured Data Ownership, the Health Exchange, and, last but not least, the Wallet.

How can the BitMED Wallet help me?

Conceivably, a wallet is a financial instrument. It is our mundane way of “buying” goods and services by spending money (aka currency). Due to the power of the BitMED Platform, the Network, and the Partner Ecosystem, the BitMED Wallet goes from being a brainless financial apparatus to becoming one of the pillars of frictionless healthcare. With it, participants in the BitMED ecosystem gain access to an extended range of services. In fact, the Wallet becomes the second most powerful asset (after the health data records) available to BitMED’s members’ disposal.

Let’s look at couple examples.

Let’s take the case of a patient (we prefer to call them member). First and foremost, having a personal wallet allows the member real-time access to doctors. By having the wallet completely integrated with BitMED Platform Services, BitMED ensures that the members can focus on taking care of their health concerns as opposed to wondering if they can get medical help when they need it most or if their prescriptions have been filled. Behind the scenes, the wallet becomes integral part of the complex service ceremony orchestrated by the BitMED Platform. Arthur C. Clark once said, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. As you can imagine, we are not quite there yet, however, the future looks bright.

Let’s take the case of data scientists working on a next-gen medical research study. They need access to high-quality medical data … and lots of it! By harnessing the power of the wallet, more precisely its deep reach into the Platform, the data scientists can begin their work almost immediately, making tomorrow better for all of us.

In conclusion …

The BitMED Wallet is one of the most powerful instruments in BitMED’s service portfolio. It enables participants in the BitMED Ecosystem access to utility-like services and capabilities. Its real contribution is in delivering frictionless healthcare.

Please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts.

All the best!