Brain Games

“brown coral under the body of water with sun streaks in closeup photography” by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

Success majorly relies on the state of the mind and how you are able to envision yourself. Firstly for you to bring a turn around and a redefinition of yourself, you need first visualize yourself being what you want to become. This basically implies; conceiving an idea in the mind, believing it in the heart, vividly visualizing it and finally speaking it out. Unfortunately this is skipped by most of the people; the law of success majorly rests upon this. If you have an idea train your heart to believe it by giving it reason as to why you want to orient your life towards that specific direction.

Visualize how this is going to be of impact into your life and lay emphasis in your life and talk about if often. Mainly this requires just a simple tweak between the mind, heart and the mouth. Let’s take the story of David as a case example and the life lessons we can draw from it;

Reigning over or fears

Goliath challenged the Israelites for one on one battle and they were terrified as a lions prey on the verge of death. But David upon hearing reward for whoever would defeat goliath accepted the challenge. David confronted Goliath and comparing the young inexperienced warrior David was he stood little changes against Goliath but this didn’t discourage David. Not long after the battles had started, David pulled his sling which had a stone attached to it let it fly and in the process hitting Goliaths forehead killing him.

If you let you’re your fears dominate you, you will end up settling for thing less your expectations and remain a captive to your fears. No matter the situation you are in or the decision that require opinion, look at things logically get out of your head and take action and above all thinking will not overcome your fears rather taking up action will.

Make use of what you have at your disposal

Most of the times we find ourselves complaining about the insufficiencies we have, but know we have to learn to use that which we already have to achieve that which we want. Looking at Goliath and the amour which he adorned David seemed insignificant and stood no chances against Goliath. David made use of the 5stones and the sling, regardless of it all he emerged the victor.

Improvise on what you have to the job done or propel yourself where you want to be and stop making countless excuses. Stop drowning your success by looking on what you are lacking.

Size shouldn’t be an obstacle

That which has to constantly linger in your mind is that determining what is possible for you is YOU, and if you are bound to cross paths with any type of challenge the size of it is irrelevant. The mindset and belief system that we hold often hinder us seeing beyond the obstacle. David knew that if he entertained thoughts concerning the battle he wound have cowed from it, rather focused his attention on courage and commitment to slay Goliath.

You have to apply the same thought pattern and mentalities to the challenges you are facing, think bigger than the challenge you’re facing and act like it’s impossible for you to fail at it. Build self-confidence, conviction and believe in yourself that no challenge is too big for you to handle.

Don’t undervalue your capabilities

Underestimating and undervaluing you capabilities will lead to you achieving less than what expectations. Judging by the looks of Goliath and David one would be obliged to think that Goliath had an upper hand. The battle turned out to be different to the expectations; David relied on his self-confidence and was smart enough to know that was capable of winning the battle.

You’re capable of much more than you can set your mind on. You shouldn’t underestimate yourself but set goals that will proof tasking to achieve and in the process of actualizing them you end up achieving more and exploiting your potentials.