Breaching the gap between the physical and digital world

So I’ve just realised AI has a social responsibility

Yes… I know that that was at the least, an understatement.

The other day I was driving, thinking of all my co-workers that don’t feel comfortable sharing their information with the “big companies” but even so, feel very at ease using Gmail, google photos, Hotmail, Siri, Amazon, and Waze. This is where I really started to think, not just in the use of Waze right now but in a future where EVERYONE uses Waze. Imagine that scenario for just one minute. EVERYONE uses Waze.

Now, let’s put that into a slightly different context, everyone uses Waze slightly different to how they use it now. Because right now, Waze suggests where you go. Now, imagine a world with truly automated cars and the passengers doing something completely different to drive. That means, that they’re not even going to be looking at that minute GPS/mobile screen with the running app. Heck! Maybe Waze is running by itself in a 100% automated car all by itself.

This moment is the idea that made me think, “Errr…. Ok now, what happens if Waze controls the traffic of the 100% of the population”, it could do some new things that no one has ever thought of, like for example sending all the traffic one way, so some “few” could go a faster route (extra-premium-subscription model anyone?). Another idea that came to mind was, imagine that the software engineers wanted to try some new algorithm? what better way than to send the user that gives lots of feedback on a trial run, “because we know that Tod is definitely going to give us feedback if such algorithms worked better than usual”.

Of course, don’t get me started on decisions of life-threatening decisions where who’s life prevails depends on a “IF and a few special ELSES” (for example, the value that each subject gives to society) but we have all thought of that, because that comes out all the time in the type of news that we like reading, because it has really big implications.

What I’m trying to get to, is that there are certainly more subtle changes happening right now in the world due to the closing gap between real and digital world, and we won’t even see them coming until they unravel all by themselves.

Exciting times await.