Corporate America got theirs. Do you know your Tax Reform Bonus?

The S&P 500 today set its first all-time high since January.

  • Earnings growth is coming in at around +27% y/y.
  • Lower corporate tax rates contributed about 7% to growth according to analyst estimates.

Curious to see what the Tax Act did for you?

Setting aside politics, fiscal responsibility, economics, etc. to focus on the numbers of tax reform: nearly everyone we meet underestimates their 2018 Tax Reform “Bonus”.

Impact Labs created an app to demystify taxes. At you can now calculate your annual Tax Reform Bonus in 30-sec.

Become tax-smart

Taxes can be the single-largest performance drag on investors — yes, in some cases, an even a bigger drag on performance than inflation or poorly managed and high-priced investment products.

Signed on Dec 22, 2017, we only had a few days to respond before year-end. We raced to help clients & friends save thousands of dollars in taxes each with last minute action-steps. Hopefully you did those too. Did you maximize that opportunity?

We would be happy to look at your current financial footprint in the context of your goals, tax profile, etc. to see if there is any help we might be able to offer.

In the meantime, we recommend exploring to step up your knowledge of how TCJA (Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017) impacts you.

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