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Data Driven Investor — Rewind #5

A tribute to a time when CEOs weren’t treated like Celebrities — They just focused on doing their jobs.

by Nabeel Tahir — 4 min read

Remember a time when Dressing in a Turtle Neck and Jeans, Dating a famous Actress, or appearing on the front page of a Gossip magazine wasn’t what CEOs and Business Owner’s were all about?

Because they worked in the background and did things that actually made a difference; their work was reflective of who they were.

We’ve now come to a time when Elon Musk’s penis size is more relevant than his accomplishments with Tesla and SpaceX, Mark Zuckerberg’s greatest achievement will be known as being the dude that Jesse Eisenberg played in The Social Network proclaiming “I’m CEO, Bitch.”, and the dude from Snapchat will be famous for that famous hot actress, I guess?

How 5G Will Transform Our Lives

by Tannya D. Jajal — 6 min read

Today, exponential technologies and disruptive innovations are ushering in a world of accelerating change. Everyday, old industries are being destroyed and new ones are born. As a result, the nature of work is drastically changing, to say the least. We’re at the cusp of what experts call The Fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution hinges on 5G Technology. 5G will not only power our economy, it will also transform our daily lives and the consumer experience.

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