Do You Know How Good You Are At Making Money?

Maybe you have cured yourself of cancer. Maybe you hold the world speed record for skateboarding. Believe it or not none of these remarkable feats may compare with how good you are at making money.

With a hundred dollar bill you can go to the grocery store or watch 11 months of Netflix movies. Did you know that every cent of the value of those hundred dollars was created by you and people like you?

Here is a hundred dollars of Monopoly money. This money is only useful when you are playing the board game. Did you know that you and the other players create every cent of that value when you play the game?

The global supply of bank notes, coins and money in bank accounts is around $37 billion dollars.[1] Did you know that you and every other person that uses these currencies created that value?

You and everyone else are nothing short of extraordinary.


Take a deep breath and appreciate just how remarkable you are!

Here is a story to emphasize the point:

During the hyper-inflation in Germany during the 1920’s the government was powerless to stop the decay of money’s value. People simply did not believe in the government’s attempts. Then the government issued Gold Loan Bonds. This money was no different from what had gone before except for the word “wertbeständig” which means “stable value” printed on the notes. [1] People chose to believe that word, and because they believed it was so.

This is how good you are at making money. Money is a most astonishing display of human creative talent. Yet the talent does not stop with just giving value to currencies.

What is true about your ability to create money is also true of your ability to create the financial system. The current financial system exists because enough people still believe that expanding the money and credit supply can produce growth.

A recent report by US hedge fund Artemis Capital says: “When the collective consciousness stops believing growth can be created by money and debt expansion the entire medium will fall apart violently, otherwise it will continue to be real.”[2]

[1] C. Bresciani-Turroni, The Economics of Inflation. 1968 reprint of 1937 edition pp. 341–345 extracted in Choice in Currency F.A. Hayek published by The Institute of Economic Affairs 1976.


Christopher Cole Artemis Capital

That is to say, there are a set of beliefs about growth which keep the current financial system going. However, importantly for your financial wellbeing this collective belief appears to be changing.

The report continues by outlining many reasons why the financial system looks particularly fragile at the moment. For example: “For the first time in modern history the U.S. government will require a massive supply of debt to finance fiscal deficits during a period of tighter monetary policy”[1]

If you are awake to your ability to create money this change in what people believe about the financial system can be an opportunity.

[1] page 9.

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Next week Bitcoin Enhanced starts selling its first BE Growth (XBE) tokens. The token enables you to track the returns of a long/short Bitcoin strategy outside of these risks. If you buy these tokens you and other token holders create a self-contained system of value independent of the financial system.

Like today’s currencies, you and people like you give XBE tokens their value. With no connection to the financial system through brokers or counterparties you build a silo of value immune to what happens in the current financial arena.

In short XBE tokens enable you to create your own future. You have been doing it ever since you first used money. Here is the opportunity to let this innate talent work for you. Sign up on the website for more details of the XBE release.

If the financial system is as unstable as Artemis Capital suggests, this could be a good time to exercise your ability to make money away from the coming storm.

Is it time you demonstrated to yourself just how good you are at making money?