Email Marketing: How To Ethically Steal People’s Money

Oh you know you like it bucko

If you have a business and you are not collecting people’s email addresses, you deserve to be haunted by the ghost of Gary Halbert.

Some of you have a proper website, a squeaky clean social media pressence, a bunch of funnels you don’t really need… yet the results aren’t what you expected.

You’ve been seduced by the marketing Sirens.

Let me paint you a picture and you can tell me if it sounds familliar:

  • You have a store where you sell some crap online
  • You use FB ads, Instagram shout-outs and social media marketing
  • People come in your store and look around
  • You have a 3%–5% conversion rate. For every 100 people who visit, 3–5 buy a product

Up until now, you’ve done everything right. Here’s where it gets muddy

  • A person buys your product…
  • ….

And you won’t see him EVER again! Wanna know why? Because you didn’t collect his fucking email!

That person will use your product once and then he will forget about your store and your brand. “Bye bye Johnny , thank you for your business, see ya on the other side”.

What you could have done instead

  1. An auto-respond sequence email, where you give him a coupon for the next time he buys
  2. A simple pop-up where he can opt-in his email adress
  3. Even a lazy “Join our newsletter for special offers” is all it takes to secure a bunch of future buyers

I hear many people saying that email marketing doesn’t work. Oh I have news for you…


Read that. Read that AGAIN.

That means every person you acquire via paid ads, has the potential to earn you 32$… while doing absolutely nothing!

You are leaving money on the table if you don’t do at least the bare minimum with email marketing.

Still not convinced? How about now:


Advancing your email strategy could x1.5 your revenue.

The above are the bare minimum. Nothing complicated.

If you REALLY want to capitalize on email marketing and use it to x2 your revenue with minimum effort…

You should be using direct response copywriting in your emails.

Think of it like that. People who sign up for your email list are already sold on your product. They’re looking for ways to justify the purchase.

They trust you and your brand. You have an email list that already bought something from you (the best kind of people for your business).

To make things simple.

100 people buy your product everyday.

30 opt-in for your email list

5%–7% click the link and buy again.

That’s 2–4 people.

(I used average numbers)

That’s 3%-6% overall… THAT’S YOUR CONVERSION RATE!

You just increased your revenus by 100%, just like that!

It’s magical, right?

Of course, all of that is true if you understand the fundamental principles of direct response copywriting.

But fear not! I am here for you!

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