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For the Love of Music: Being Unique

Finding great hometown music everywhere

John Cole
John Cole
Feb 17 · 2 min read

What I miss hearing today is a sense of where music comes from. Every town across the U.S., and beyond, has a distinctive character, and a unique sound appreciation buried in its roots.

We are affected by all sounds we hear, including many commercial endeavors. When an artist can effectively unit trends into their unique character can be a driver toward success. Trends are cultural movements.

Where is the individual coming to terms with their own being? Where are those unique traits that make artists who they are?

The closer we express our honesty, the attentive audience will respond in kind. After all, none of us are completely unique. We do share many similarities. What makes us distinct is where we come from. Our stories. Our families. Our root associations.

John Water’s film “Pink Flamingos” is a classic example of extreme expression. Grossness in a time of conventional Yuppydom. Mr. Water’s vision was unique, and Devine, along with Edith, made their debut. Visions unique to Baltimore, MD during the 1980s.

Place matters. Our homes matter, whether the sound is a train on a track, or a harbor buoy clanging in a distant fog. In the desert, there can a vacuum of sound, or the sound of wind carrying a Canyon Wren’s call. Subtle cracks while walking over dried desert soil. Little secrets matter.

Our homes add to our accumulative experience, driving personal uniqueness.

John Cole, founder/lead developer

Working hard bringing music publishing back from the brink by paying neighbor representatives a share of member published music.

Muezbiz is a startup.“Meet local friends in musical conversations. Make money sharing the music you love.” Now buy from someone local with interest media filtered by region.

All new members joining are forwarded to Santa Fe Folk/Americana conversation social time line to see how site works. Defaults can be changed at any time via the Preference menu under member’s name at top.

John Cole

Written by

John Cole

Exploring possibilities furthering opportunities for musicians everywhere. Founder/Lead Developer

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