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Gen-Z: An Automated Leasing Process Is On Their Wish List

Rocio Cordero
Dec 18, 2018 · 4 min read

Gen-Z, also known as iGen, often pose the question, “Is there an app for that?” when it comes to most things in life and finding their next apartment is not an exception. Gen-Z is the first generation that has been truly raised in a technology-driven world and as they move on to start their journey of independence, they expect that their new home will be only a few clicks away. Members of Gen-Z are setting the precedent for online automation however, baby boomers and Gen-Xers are also heavy adopters of technology according to Pew Research Center.

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When Listing Properties Just Isn’t Enough

Innovation in the business world is inevitable and property management companies are keeping their ears to the wall and eye on the prize in order to remain attractive to this upsurge of renters. The latest tech companies understand the demographics of these new renters and know that this generation is choosing to lease over buying, therefore, leasing needs to be prospect-driven, user-friendly, customized and accessible.

Technology users are the consumer powerhouse and they expect your company to provide a great experience at every click. If you’re not already riding the technology wave to automate your leasing process and alleviate some of the hassles that comes with finding your next tenant, you’re simply not maximizing your bottom line. Tech-happy renters have their device of choice out and ready to explore what you have to offer. Are your properties and entire leasing process at their fingertips?

Give Them the Automation They Want

If you want to connect with Gen-Z renters and everyone else in cyberspace, you need to meet them where they are at. Leasing automation software keeps your company ahead of the curve and ultimately ahead of the competition. Acquiring a software that caters to tech-cultured tenant prospects is the only way to be successful moving into the future. It not only makes you intriguing to the tech-at-heart but it also saves you time and money. Just imagine the possibility of eliminating the cost of paper, cost of gas and mileage and the cost of paying an individual to chase the countless leads you’re sure to receive on a daily.

Allowing your prospective tenants to find you and experience an easy leasing process from start to finish, all at their fingertips keeps you at top-of-mind for future referrals — we like to call it free marketing. Leasing solutions like ShowingHero provide a well-rounded automated platform to the tech population. The software provides 24/7 lead nurturing which immediately acknowledges their inquiries, allows them to view all property info/description, neighborhood data and also lets them schedule a showing instantly — all of which provide a rich user experience. Beyond the ability to schedule a showing, tenants are granted their own tenant portal where they are encouraged to search similar properties from your company’s listings, leave feedback about their showing and accessibility to rental applications for quick and easy consideration.

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Automation Doesn’t Eliminate the Personal Touch, It Enhances It

We have all thought, in one form or another, how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over every aspect of our lives, and as property managers we may feel hesitant to introduce this technology into our business, worrying it may replace the personal touch that is essential in our line of work. The reality is that AI and machine learning are here to stay and are vital in all aspects of a business. The good news is that it makes you uber-efficient and increases your productivity which makes your company stronger, better and faster — the right choice for these types of renters. What happens when you’re the right choice as a company? Renters feel that consumer bond because they know you’re making strides to cater to their needs and their wants.

For instance, let’s take the ability to schedule a self-showing. This DIY feature is the ultimate fighting champion in the real estate industry for both tenant prospects and leasing agents alike. With smart tech features like geo-fencing and identity verification, renters are able to check out properties on their own, at their desired time. Unless you’re an actual robot that is available to show a property a hundred times a day, at all hours of the day, you’re going to want to explore this option as a must-have for yourself and for your tenant prospects.

The name of the game is showing and growing so make sure you’re equipped to meet prospect tenant needs and close your doors faster in 2019!

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