Guard against these…

Your worst enemy or enemies, walk inside you own head. If you could see yourself from the outside you would see the enemies that harbor in your personality. Then you would be capable of eliminating what keeps you from progressing towards the life you desire to have.

These are the most common feelings that get in the way of our success. The list is composed by:

Intolerance, Revenge, Greed, Egotism, Suspicion, Jealousy, Procrastination. These seem to get in the way of many of us in our road towards achieving.

Intolerance is not being able to listen to others opinion, thoughts, beliefs or way of seeing things and having respect for how they are different. .

Revenge, is trying to get even for perceived or real grievances. This robs us of our energy and diverts our focus.

Greed, wanting to get something for nothing. I want more, because I’m the greatest. How can I beat this bastard? The question that lingers inside a greedy mind. This leads to avarice. Very ugly duo.

Egotism. Believing you are the last cookie in the cookie jar. Or the last coca-cola in the desert. Me and me only. Try this and people will start avoiding your dispicability.

Suspicion, means thinking that everyone is trying to get you. Seeing an ulterior motive in whatever another person does. A paranoid, what is your true purpose. Don’t figure out people like this. You will not be able to sleep at night.

Jealousy. Ire because you feel somebody is stealing what belongs to you. Jealousy attacks in many ways, but always makes you insecure. Or I should say derives from our insecurities. It is also wanting what others have. To each his own. Relax, what will be yours will be yours. No sense going bonkers over what others have. Or thinking that others will steal what you have.

Procrastination. The ultimate killer. Leaving everything until the last minute. Until mañana. Tomorrow will probably better. Well guess what, its not. The time is now! Do what you have to do now, and get it over with. Do not wait until a better time. It will never come.

So now you know. Beware of these enemies taking over your mind. You have been forewarned.