Have You Ever Seen a #HyperHash?

Rob Adamson
Oct 30, 2018 · 5 min read

This article explains how to create HyperHash tags, a combination of Hashtags and Hyperlinks.

I will dive into Twubs (Hashtag registering) for Hashtag Hyperlink combinations, Twitter Hashtags, Facebook Hashtags and LinkedIn Hashtags, all working together.

Just the Basics Please! What is a Hashtag?

A Hashtag is a grouping link; it’s a way of creating buckets of Tweets and Posts. If you include a #hashtag (any word starting with #) in a Tweet or a Facebook Post, that message is then grouped with anyone else writing a Tweet or Post that includes the same Hashtag.

So think of a Hashtag as a bucket of common Tweets and Posts. With zillions of Tweets in the massive world of Twitter, a Hashtag is just a way to put your Tweet into a bucket with other Tweets using the same Hashtag. That’s it!

As simple as that is, it’s still pretty slick. Companies like RedBull invented great Hashtags for their marketing campaigns. For example, RedBull’s #PutACanOnIt. There’s a story behind every great Hashtag, and this one from RedBull went viral. You just click on their Hashtag in any Tweet and boom, you are in the #PutACanOnIt bucket reading all the hype about RedBull — I don’t drink the stuff.

Is this starting to make sense? Here’s how I created a linking Hashtag everywhere.

I wrote a Sci-Fi novel, and after suffering through publishing the book everywhere, I wanted to know about Hashtag marketing campaigns. As you can see, Hashtags are not as complicated and mysterious as you might think. Well, it turns out that Hashtags are kind of mysterious after all. Keep reading

My Novel is about us living in a Simulated Reality or Ancestry virtual reality version of the original Earth. But the story explores the discovery of the original #BaseReality explorers. Now, I knew people like Elon Musk and Neil Degrasse Tyson believe we are living in a simulation. They call this the Simulation Theory. Their thinking is that the odds of us living in an original Base Civilization would be billions to one against. In other words, we would have to win the super universal jackpot to be living in a Base Reality world.

So I got this hair-brained idea to write a post on Twitter and add a #BaseReality Hashtag that includes links to Musk and Tyson as well as a link to my authors website. Here’s what it looks like:

Next, I’ll need to comment on Musk and Tyson Twitter accounts and include my same #BaseReality Hashtag. Can you see how this stuff might start to grow?

But I’m a programmer, and I started thinking about this Hashtag thing like a coder. What if I could put both my Twitter and Facebook messages in the same Hashtag bucket? And what if there was a way to combine a Hashtag and a Hyper link? Well, in this simulated reality, I’d need access to everyones code base. Sorry for the pun. Anyway, they are not likely to hand that over to me.

But what would happen if you put a Hashtag of say #BaseReality in a Facebook Post and included a link to a Tweet that also included the #BaseReality Hashtag? Guess what? It worked! I created a simple #HyperHash.

If you click on the Hashtag in Facebook, it takes you to the #BaseReality Facebook bucket. But the post in that bucket includes the link to the Twitter Hashtag post. So, I’ve essentially linked my Facebook and Twitter #BaseReality buckets together. Here’s my simple Facebook experiment post.

Coders are always wanting to understand how things work. This exercise helps clarify how Hashtags work and opens the door for more interesting Hashtag marketing campaigns.

Oh, and here’s another trick. If you grab the HTML link from your book on Amazon, you can embed that into a Medium article. Then people can preview, share and even buy your book directly from Medium. Try it.

I wondering why Medium doesn’t support Hashtags. Hold on, that would make writing this Hashtag article on Medium tough. Forget that.

Now back to a true HyperHash. How is that possible? The answer is Twubs. Twubs is where you register Hashtags. I’m not kidding. You are not able to own a Hashtag, but if you get there fast enough, you can register it to yourself. Below is the URL of my Hashtag registered on Twubs. I inserted the URL into Medium and it generated that nice image link.

But with that URL, I’m also able to show my #BaseReality hashtag as a hyperlink on any website that accepts URL links, including Medium. If you click it, you go to the same BaseReality page with all the Tweets about BaseReality. A HyperHash!

That’s right, a literal HyperHash with the benefits of both hyperlinking and Hashtagging.

But wait, there’s more. Did you know the LinkedIn also supports Hashtags. They work like Twitter and Facebook, where your Hashtag posts are all put into a bucket that users see if they click on the Hashtag.

So, Hashtags are kind of mysterious after all. Try thinking of ways to work with Hashtags using Twitter, Twubs, Facebook and LinkedIn in combination.

Thanks for reading.

Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity, not insanity

Rob Adamson

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Programmer, Mtn Biker, Writer & Blogger. Wrote: BASE SciFi Novel, Mediaforge, Instant Replay, Gener/OL, Patents. robadamson.net

Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity, not insanity

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