Highlights of Fintech Week 2018

Fintech Week

The latest movements in Fintech Week around the world have shown much potential. Fintech, as the rising industry that is taking many nations by storm, is surely finding new ways to reinvent itself and meet mass needs through top companies like Abu Dhabi Global Market, A UOB Company, Accrelist Ltd, Additiv Asia Pte Ltd. and so many more. Multiple nations have hosted a Fintech Week or Fintech Festival this year; Singapore has just finished its own as of two weeks ago.

Though the event itself was housed out of Singapore, the central focus behind it still remained global. Massive, wide-scale reach of all audiences everywhere is always the key target any major business seeks to aim for, and it was no different here. Jim Whitehurst, current President of Red Hat, was present to speak and offered words of encouragement to all who seek to move forward with the exciting future that Fintech holds. He likewise shared his mind on Open Source’s role as it relates to its financial inclusion into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) network.

The Fintech Conference and Exhibition, as well as the Global Fintech Hackcelerator Demo Day, were two of the most memorable events of the Festival. They were memorable because they showed the most attendance out of all the exhibitions, conferences and other types of special events in general. In addition, the AI in Finance Summit, Fintech Workshops, Innovation Lab Crawl, and Fintech Awards discussed the role of machine strategy within Dapps, smartphone apps, and so much more as a means to incorporate the best of modern Artificial Intelligence into the mainstream protocol of all things IoT, crypto and more.

So the Singapore event this last week was a huge page turner for many, but it was only one of several. In fact, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, and several other major global hubs will host a Fintech week as well and you should check out the one closest to you. They all tend to bring in major exhibitors from other parts of the globe.

A few top companies

Some of the most notable Fintech companies to have attended these global events, thus far, are as follows:


12CM’s USP, is that of blockchain implementation, as well as distributed-ledger tax remittance and financing, not to mention personal wealth and financial development strategies. It works with venture capitalists and other forms of entrepreneurs to rally for crypto tokenization and much more. It has held several exhibits.

Active Intelligence PTE Ltd

The aim of this business’ presence at the event was to incite a factor for change in the way that everyday people see its core USP, being that of AI — — or Artificial Intelligence — — the organization properly pointing out that it’s a true blessing to mankind, when used correctly.

Actico Pte Ltd

A similar company with a similar goal and business structure to that of Active Intelligence, Actico’s USP entangles itself within the addition of the banking infrastructure….incorporating that element into the mix; so the organization deals with all corporate finance, banking solutions and even tax property information for numerous clients as well. Fraud detection and corporate credit compliance are two of its strongest services. In its recent Fintech Week presentations, it has also talked much on big data and learning machines, as well as their fully realized potential, through the best of AI.

Alpha Fintech

Alpha Fintech, formerly known as Alpha Payments Cloud, prides itself in its flexible API platforms offered (which incorporate full back-end infrastructures that are highly cost-effective), its main selling point, not to mention the company’s unique banking infrastructural setup. Its display booth was not to be missed. It was one of the few in its specific area of expertise addressing these two factors. Also, response codes, billing, and even data streams can fall within a sole vendor management portal, thereby offering greater vendor capability as well.


Alpha WALLET engaged blockchain and distributed ledger in a whole new way, primarily discussing the key importance behind disintermediary token purchase & trade network transactions through decentralized blocks. It hoped to offer its investors and capital strategists many ways to incentivize upon their investments toward its coin.

Where to next? The future of Fintech itself, in Singapore and elsewhere…

Straits Times has recently reported that Singapore Fintech funding, in this last year alone, well accounted for more than a solid $229 million. This makes it the highest in all of the ASEAN community. Many now consider the beautiful country to be a true ‘hot spot’ for all things financial growth, especially within its geographic region. Other sources have likewise verbalized the fact that the MAS has even gone ahead and placed its deposit of more than$225 million towards Singapore Fintech development within the next half decade alone. The business is booming at an unprecedented rate altogether, some are even considering calling Singapore one of the world’s biggest financial hubs around.

Furthermore, this country already holds over 400 reputable Fintech firms within it, with plenty of room for more. What’s interesting, as well, is the region in which Singapore sits, planted right in the middle of India, China, and other parts of south-east Asia, where finance and technology have become a significant growing sector for business, year on year. The supply and demand are truly alarming, but in a good way; there’s potential for countless new divisions to arise there within the next five years as many experts are likewise stating. In addition, the same sources have noted that the brimming potential for the explosive expansion of Fintech globally, all in all, is limitless especially in industries like blockchain, which involves massive decentralization.

Final thoughts

The most successful, annual Fintech Week overall is still yet to be determined. With major events of this calibre taking place all across the globe, especially in 2018 when Fintech took flight like never before, this has been a good year for any new or seasoned analyst, current or potential investor, business person, and entrepreneur alike to get in on all the action. Exciting times are still yet ahead for the world of Fintech, and with annual events like Fintech Week New York, Fintech Week London, Singapore Fintech Festival, Fintech Week Boston, and countless others, the future looks brimming.