How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Online Gambling

Pav Pan
Pav Pan
Jan 20, 2019 · 4 min read
Online Gambling

Many of us now witness various implementations of Artificial Intelligence — Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, AI-driven phone cameras, Tesla cars autopilot and even the creepy Boston Dynamics dog-like robots that navigate all sorts of terrains.

Online Gambling is just another industry that accumulates tons of user data and this data is the exact resource that feeds machine learning algorithms.

Learning and acting upon these discoveries hidden within data is what drives AI innovation.

The Online Gambling industry is a great example of how technology can create problems or solutions.

The solutions:

On the one side, casino operators can use artificial intelligence to learn how to create better in-game user experience and how to better serve ads to current or potential clients through real-time personalisation.

It’s like a gold mine — the better a company becomes at providing the services they do and making people happy, the longer they stay in business and the more money they make.

One less creative way to enhance user experience is to use AI that learns from users gaming sessions and in turn provide a homepage with only top choice games, rather than sifting through tens or hundreds of different games.

Another enhancement of user experience is through providing human-like customer service powered by machine learning.

Imagine the house has fed all your data about gaming, payments, wins, losses or marketing efforts toward you.

By having a sane way to process this and infer from your user queries, automated customer support can be quick, efficient and human-like.

Imagine asking questions to a chatbot that actually responds like a person — giving you answers based precisely on your user profile.

This can save you and the gaming provider a lot of time and make the process seamless and more accurate.

Once up and running, a machine learning algorithm has the potential to analyse so much data, which in practice would be an impossible task for human analysts.

Casinos can detect cheaters more easily this way and level the gaming field by using AI to flag potential fraudster behavior and trigger a human intervention.

The problems:

Everyone knows that gambling is proven addictive and skeptics see a hidden agenda in exploiting user behavior by creating even more addictive user experiences.

Optima Gaming, which is a top gaming platform developer, aims to balance out the fears by implementing an audited (ISO standard) solution within their systems.

Their aim is to prevent problem gambling in people “… not so much by identifying the patterns but the trigger, that moment that makes one become addicted.” (1)

It seems to be work in progress with no solution in plain sight for two reasons:

  1. Identifying a trigger may not be the right approach as it’s possible that the “getting addicted” is a process and not a fixed point in time.
  2. Addiction can be based on external influences and this may or may not be data available to the AI algorithm.

BetBuddy, another data analytics company in the gaming sector, offers working capabilities for “identifying and managing at-risk gambling behavioural patterns”

There are services like SharkScope that collects years of poker users data and apply machine learning capabilities to help players win more consistently and larger sums.

This is a threat to venues as AI engines can scan and analyse online gaming data to provide a statistical probability of when is the right time to bet or raise your bet.

These examples are just a scratch on the surface of what is possible.

The future is yet to reveal how gambling operators can use the technology to boost their profits, while regulators enforce rules to level out the playing field and reduce problematic gambling.


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