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How Artificial Intelligence will steal your boring job by giving you a new one.

It is natural that people rarely change themselves,
Unless they are pushed toward the edge of new events.
Artificial Intelligence is the pusher feared by many.

Artificial Intelligence is stealing jobs and making someone unemployed. That is the threatening end of events for certain jobs and professions. That is only the surface of events taking place.

Everyone will agree that the job you hold — you were hired chiefly because you have specific skills to fit the position to fulfil the employment. If you hold an analytic position, perhaps your analytic skills are excellent. If you hold a managerial position, perhaps you are a good manager. If you hold any position, perhaps your skills are fitting well for it.

Watch out. Artificial Intelligence is learning skills to compete for certain jobs in the labour market. The competition is fierce enough to keep someone insecure about the future. Because AI will make some work done by people obsolete.

Futurism has shared some of numbers of professions which are going to be replaced by automation. AI automate certain things.

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Although the numbers were published two years ago, they still remain relevant. Since then, things have developed forward without waiting.

AI is a new competitive force in the labour market because it can take certain positions from you and perform them consistently in a more effective way, better than some people can. That is perhaps what makes someone uneasy. But that is not the end of the economy.

Humans can learn things. The only hesitation to learn is a misfortunate element to steal your future. Because AI will take your job. Especially, if it is simple and repetitive.

The economy does not end with Artificial Intelligence. It just offers new opportunities for people to acquire new professions and thrive. Some of the basic replacements will push people to outgrow themselves and learn new skills.

The turning point is that AI does not steal but change jobs.

What is an electrician now, would be magic to a medieval king. Marketing specialists perhaps would be a joke. What is a nuclear engineer now would have looked like an alien. The car for a medieval king would be like a URO (unidentified riding object). A pilot perhaps would be treated like a god which pilots something that looks like UFO (unidentified flying object) for a person from many centuries ago.

The change is happening. You will change yourself, or you will most likely be forced to change by circumstances. It is good to know about alternatives.

Jessica Stillman shares a brighter perspective on inc. magazine. According to her, at least 21 new jobs will be created. The link to the article is there.

Shortly, the new replacing positions would sound like:

  1. Data detective
  2. Bring-your-own IT facilitator
  3. Ethical sourcing officer
  4. Artificial intelligence business development manager
  5. Master of edge computing
  6. Walker/talker
  7. Fitness commitment counselor
  8. A.I. assisted health care technician
  9. Cyber city analyst
  10. Genomic portfolio director
  11. Man-machine teaming manager
  12. Financial wellness coach
  13. Digital tailor
  14. Chief trust officer
  15. Quantum machine-learning analyst
  16. Virtual store sherpa
  17. Personal data broker
  18. Personal memory curator
  19. Augmented-reality journey builder
  20. Highway controller
  21. Genetic diversity officer

Things we take for certain now have been unknown for people from many centuries ago. Now as always, the changing agent is at place. Some current jobs get pressure from automation to encourage the change of skillset and mindset.

Many people love ice cream. It does not tell that those who love them shall be selling ice cream. Current ice cream sellers could put AI in their place and learn new skills to progress in the economy. AI will take this job so the ice cream seller could learn and employ new skills where they are mostly on demand.

For the long line of professional prestige, people would prefer being lawyers or doctors rather than farmers or manual workers. Lawyers or doctors are surely better paid in the economy because the supply of the skillset is lower, it is acquired harder, responsibility is higher, and the intensity of knowledge applied is stronger.

Then AI offers a threatening opportunity to change the skillset — the same story under a different name. Basic, simple and repetitive tasks — which are called a job for someone — can and will be replaced by AI to release humans for more valuable efforts.

Where the person uses not only 5% of the their potential for the simple, repetitive, stressful or even physically exhausting job, they can now approach maximum utility and self-realisation.

If you think that robots with integrated AI will steal your job, perhaps you should learn more advanced skills of which AI is currently incompetent.

And move forward.