How Brand Messaging Can Navigate a Deeply Divided Country

Brands have a very tricky time trying to navigate a deeply divided political landscape in America

Alex Rowse
Nov 18 · 3 min read
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A deeply divided citizenry isn’t just a challenge for elected leaders who must do their best to govern. It’s also a challenge for marketing professionals who have to figure out a way to promote brands to a diverse group of consumers.

For example, depending on your niche, your brand’s products or services may be geared toward consumers who span the political spectrum. Therefore, you don’t want your ads to target one political group while offending another, because it could lose you a lot of customers.

Here are some ways that brand messaging can navigate a tricky political landscape in the United States.

Leave Politics Out of Your Advertising

Most consumers get tired of seeing political ads on television and hearing them on the radio. That’s why brands should leave politics out of their ads in the vast majority of niches.

Even if you think an advertisement has a humorous political message, you still run the risk of turning off a large segment of your target market if they don’t find your ad funny. So, do your business and customers a favor by not getting political.

Avoid Divisive Issues

Along the same lines as avoiding politics, brand messaging should also stay away from divisive issues. Americans aren’t just deeply divided along political lines. There’s also a growing divide between ‘rural’ and ‘urban’ America. Therefore, your brand’s advertisements shouldn’t add to that divide.

For example, don’t run ads in urban markets making fun of people who live in small towns. Likewise, don’t portray city dwellers as immoral in ads to rural consumers. Focus on promoting your brand’s products or services — and how they can help all consumers in your target market.

Seek Ways to Bring People Together

Instead of adding to divisions, good brand messaging should look for ways to bring consumers together, regardless of their politics and personal beliefs. For example, you could offer a sales promotion after a bitterly contested election, giving consumers a little something to make them feel happier.

You could also find a good social cause to promote that will inspire others to rally around it. For instance, during the holiday season many retailers invite Salvation Army bell ringers to stand in front of their stores and solicit donations from customers to support the Salvation Army’s charitable work.

Focus on Positive Messaging

One reason that Americans are so divided is because of all the negative messaging that they’re exposed to when it comes to political, economic, and social issues. Your brand therefore, should use positive messaging in its advertisements.

Avoid using negative language, even about competitors. Instead, try focusing on positive aspects of your brand. For instance, you could include customer reviews and ratings, as well as endorsements from influencers.

Solve Problems for Your Customers

Lastly, brand messaging can be part of the solution, and not the problem, by helping solve problems for customers. Think about your target market. What are some problems related to your niche that they’d liked solved? How can your products or services help them solve these problems?

Then, create advertisements around those solutions. Give examples of how your products or services can help your prospective customers. By focusing on your brand’s value to prospects, your brand’s messaging is more likely to stand out in a divided country, as well as reach your entire target audience regardless of their politics.

In short, most people feel like they get enough politics from watching cable news and being subjected to countless political ads during campaigns. Therefore, you should avoid mentioning politics in your brand’s messaging.

Instead, focus on what your brand can offer consumers in your target market. Avoid divisive topics that only lead to more divisions. Seek ways to bring people together by using positive messaging in ads that help solve problems for customers.

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Alex Rowse

Written by

A caffeine dependent life-form // The earth’s rotation really makes my day // Freelance Writer // Life Coach

Data Driven Investor

empowering you with data, knowledge, and expertise

Alex Rowse

Written by

A caffeine dependent life-form // The earth’s rotation really makes my day // Freelance Writer // Life Coach

Data Driven Investor

empowering you with data, knowledge, and expertise

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