How Decentralized Translation Can Optimise Your ICO

If you are planning on launching or have already launched an ICO, you may want to look into using decentralized translation as a way of making your ICO more accessible to people around the world.

TranslateMe is an ICO that offers exceptionally accurate, decentralized translation solutions by using a combination of neural machine learning, AI and human input. Some of our applications are already in place and have been met with great success. We look forward to optimizing other ICOs and businesses with our services. Here is how we can help you!

What makes Decentralized Translation Different?

You may be thinking about the differences between decentralized and conventional translation. Decentralized translation has many advantages over centralized solutions, and it is the optimal option when translating your ICO-related content. Some of the many advantages you can look forward to from a decentralized translation solution include:

· Affordable costs

· More accurate translations due to the use of neural machine learning, AI and human input

· A highly secure platform backed by Blockchain technology

· The use of large amounts of data to unite all efforts and create the best translations possible

Use TranslateMe to Translate Your White Paper and Website

Your White Paper is easily the most important piece of content when it comes to your ICO. It allows you to communicate the vision of your ICO with the world.

We provide you with an innovative way to accurately translate your White Paper into even the world’s least spoken languages. This eliminates the risk of your potential investors and end users turning to Google Translate and other centralized platforms, where your message and vision are very likely to get lost in translation.

Use TranslateMe Chat to speak to your ICO Team

One of the end applications of the TranslateMe ICO is the instantly translated chat app. The uses for TranslateMe Chat are endless, but some include:

· Speak to your ICO team members from all over the world in the language of their choice.

· No mistranslations or miscommunications when speaking to your team

· You can speak to and broadcast messages to investors and end-users from all over the world with zero confusion

The Advantage of QR Codes

TranslateMe has designed a specialized process in which you can link a QR code to all of your documents. Users can scan this code in order for the content to be translated into a language of their choice. One document, many languages.

Have a Bigger Reach

By translating all content related to your ICO, you’ll have a much wider reach when finding investors and end users. Most ICOs offer services that could be used by people all over the world, so why not reach people who speak lesser known languages by having all your content translated?

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