How do you change the world? A blueprint for change.

Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash

Change is scary. Most people want to hide from change rather than embrace it. Change is usually something that will impair them, it is a step outside of comfort zones, it is a step into the unknown. The biggest thing about change, however, is that most of the time we are not in control of that change.

As a result, if you are the one who wants to make that change you have a real battle ahead of you. Even on a small scale change is hard. Changing your habits, changing your routines, your mindset, your weight. All of these involve challenges that you have to overcome.

Changing a company is also hard. Now you have to change the minds, habits, and routines of many more people. Not just yourself.

Changing a country? Ask any political leader how they have managed to change their country — they will tell you that they have — but the grey hairs, the wrinkles, and the bags under their eyes tell you how hard that change has been.

Imagine how hard it is to try and change the world! To get the world to make a change that is beneficial, but may involve some pain, a cost, and some effort.

Ideas do change the world, but it often takes time, the ideas that change the world quickest are those that are the most profitable for all concerned. The least painful, the ones that require the least effort.

The rapid growth of the tech and communication giants show this. They have made out lives easier, they take the effort out of so many things and the cost is bearable, in fact, we are happy to spend large sums of money for the latest tech that makes our lives better.

Money can also slow change, if it is profitable to do something one way, it is hard to persuade change that reduces that profit — in fact, it can cause greater resistance.

The problem for most changes that would benefit all of humankind, is that it doesn’t always benefit the wallets of those with influence, with power. They have the best marketer’s, the best salespeople and the best lawyers. They can sell the changes that they want, and they can sell alternatives to the changes that they don’t want.

In other words, you can’t change the world unless you have money… Well, no. Not exactly.

Change is about marketing, it is about salesmanship, it is about making the right offer that is so superior, so irresistible and such a no-brainer that change has to happen.

If you want to change the world, you need to market that change in a way that people just want to buy it. Market it in a way that salespeople are virtually unnecessary.

If you want to make a change, you have to target the decision-makers in the area that you want to change and create an offer that they can’t refuse.

I want you to imagine that the Earth is a company, the board members of this company are the leaders of the biggest nations AND the biggest global brands. It is these people who decide on policy and action. They are the decision-makers. They are responsible only to the shareholders.

We are all shareholders in that company, each of us has a number of shares based on our influence. As individuals, we may not have much influence, but in groups, our influence grows.

If you want to change the world, you need to create a tribe, a tribe of like-minded people who’s combined influence will affect the decision-makers of Corporation Earth. Big business knows this, politicians know this. They joing or create tribes that allow them to make the changes that they want to make.

To build a tribe, you need your Big Idea. Your big idea needs something that everyone emotionally connects with. Animal charities do so well when raising money because they have cute baby animals to put at the front of their marketing stories.

“Save the Rainforests! Save the Orangutan! Join Us”

But you need more than this to build your tribe, to sell the change you want to make.

You need a simple and workable and unique or novel action that people can do with little effort to themselves, it needs to be an action that doesn’t require a huge cost to them, and it needs to be an action that has immediate results to maintain the habit of doing that action. There needs to be a payoff.

The payoff needs to improve their health, wealth or relationships.

Charities make money because the simple action is paying some money, the payoff is feeling a little better about themselves and the cost is down to them to decide.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, is an example of a unique or novel action that so many people did because it improved their (virtual) relationships — they belonged to a group — they received likes and comments and it boosted their profile.

Your Big Idea must also stimulate the minds of your tribe, it must have some intellectual attraction, people must want to know more.

It isn’t enough to say that you want to change the world. You have to give people a reason to join you in changing the world. They must know about the problem, they must be aware of the solution and they must believe that your unique action is the only way to deliver the outcomes that they desire.

Changing the world is a marketing exercise. Yes, you need to have passion, determination, and drive. But if you can’t sell the change that you want to make you will never succeed.

People who are unaware of the problem need to be told stories, they need a low-cost entry into your tribe (low cost in effort, in money and in time). They need to connect with the problem.

Once they are aware of the problem, they need to be made aware that there is this solution — you can’t sell them the solution yet, you need to make them believe that the solution is the right one, that it is worth the extra cost.

Once they are aware of the solution, they need to made aware of how you will deliver the results you need to educate them on the effectiveness of your unique action, make them believe that it will work.

Now they know everything and they believe that this is the only solution for the problem, then you can get them to invest the time, the energy and the money in getting the solution.

You need to give them so much value in the benefits that they will receive in the transformation that it will make to their lives that they won’t hesitate to take action.

Don’t try and shout louder than everyone else, whisper the right message in their ear.