How to improve your Personal brand in these Uncertain times

Tochukwu Okoro E.
May 14 · 4 min read

Many people are holding back, for fear that nobody would buy from them or nobody would listen to them.

Looking at it from one angle, it is true because when there’s a pandemic or a crisis like this, people fear and focus on staying alive — not on some person trying to sell them something.

Let me explain something to you; your customers are not going out this period, so there’s more pressure on social media because people are trying to keep themselves company. You should use this to your advantage. As I said, if you see this period as a bad thing for your business, it would be like that. But if you can find the opportunity, you would grow.

Your customers are looking for things to keep them company. So whoever’s content takes their attention, would win. Do you see where I’m headed? That sentence explains the entire post already.

From every crisis, there’s always a good thing that comes from it. The 2008 economy recession had everyone taking matters into their hands and starting internet ventures that are worth millions today. They wouldn’t have gotten that if all they did was complain.

When something terrible happens, people try to distract themselves with things that make them feel better. You should be that distraction. If you keep being there for them(with your content), they would get familiar with you and stay.

What is a Personal Brand?

According to Wikipedia, It is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization.

The keyword there is ongoing.

Your personal brand is more important in these times because it’s people first before business.

Share helpful tips — Create room for questions.

All over the internet, there is news that spread fear and worries in your Audiences’ minds. They’re probably out of work, food, taking pay cuts, or tired of staying home.

Your work is to be a source of help to everyone around you. It doesn’t have to be anything physical. You have your words — Give them actionable advice. Cliche advice wouldn’t cut it here — all them stay safe advice. Talk about a way forward — be their motivation.

Use personal stories to teach your audience. Make them see the positive side of the whole situation — lead.

Storytelling brings you closer to your audience because they would start to see you more like a friend that they know and can trust rather than just a businessman that wants to take their money.

Because of the insights you give, people would start to reach out to you. This is not a time to ignore them or act busy. On Linkedin, people reach out to me always to ask for advice. I don’t complain because I’m the one who shares tips on writing, so it’s not a surprise that people come to me for further solution

The more you share, the more trust you build with people.

Be Real with your audience.

Nobody likes fakes — we all want to be with people who are real with us. It’s easy to spot fakes on the internet because they leave clues.

You shouldn’t cook up fake stories just to gain the love of your audience because when they find out, it would cost you your reputation.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

Warren Buffet

Be truthful with them always. If you don’t have a personal story to contribute, there’s no use coming up with a fake one.

Offer them Free Stuff.

Everyone likes value, and even free value even more. You have to invest in your audience to get them to like you.

You can offer free ebooks, webinars, and other things that can put them on their feet this period. If you’re not okay with giving your products out completely free, you can offer huge discounts.

Let them just see that you’re making an effort to be on their side.

Put Your Behavior in Check

Your audience are watching you. They notice when you’re inconsistent and wonder why you’re not creating content as much.

Yes, the pandemic is affecting everybody, but you cannot break. You just can’t. Don’t act out when someone leaves a rude comment. It’s the internet, so you should expect the good and the bad alike.

When you get those rude comments, simply ignore. Once you start replying, you open more room for negative comments which leave a dent on your name.

Final Note

People usually stand by the people that helped them when they were down. The more people you can help during this period, the higher your brand would grow and multiply after all this is over.

This time separates the leaders from the rest. Become a leader and help people get better instead of folding and complaining.

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