How to show Ads that don’t annoy

Angry customer Image Credit: creatista / 123RF Stock Photo.

Proper monetization strategy for app developers.

For the better part of Mobile computing lifespan at least 90% of freelance developers have made their ROI- returns on investment (skills+time+logic+isolation+late-night sleeps+stack overflowing) from showing Mobile ads in their apps ,

How they do it ?

Once an app is published , the developer picks up an ad-serving network (a company that buys and sells online advertisement) such as ADMOB , MOPUB etc.. , after simple steps and verifying that developer is the actual accredited app owner and integrating the two party’s systems ,Boooom !! ads start showing on the screens of the app users henceforth money in the bank for the developer.

Why that sucks

After users start using the app , along the way often pop up ads show up , these are routed by the ad-serving network , with little knowledge about the user’s preference , these ads shown often turn out to be inappropriate or better still offensive and sucking .

After a few days if not hours of using the app ,most people uninstall your app and even hunt you down on the store listing by giving you an ugly review and rating such as “The ads suck” ,”Bogus app” seen in the picture below , these bad reviews in the long run chase away your potential customers and along the way hurting the growth of your business.

The silver bullet

Currently, an app referral program is gaining a huge attraction of users, recently many apps have applied this strategy and have increased their user base. In this program app owners may include a section that directs users to other apps.

By directing users to other productivity apps is compensated for referring new customers to related apps. Both Apple and Amazon are using this technique to offer affiliate programs for mobile app developers. Amazon permits Android developers to sell its merchandise through their app and share the profit, similarly

Apple’s Affiliate program allows iOS developers to earn money by connecting Apple Music and iTunes content in their app.


The least annoying way possible of making money out of your effort would have been paid apps , but with the statistics showing that only 5% of mobile phone users download a paid app it’s therefore still tricky .

The best bet of gaining a good reputation as of now is referral.