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Identity cards being introduced in the UK and elsewhere may be an unintended consequence of coronavirus

Jonny Fry
Jonny Fry
Mar 26 · 2 min read

2 min video discussing:

  • There are only 9 countries that do not have any identity cards: which are Australia, Denmark, Fiji, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines and the United Kingdom
  • In 2003 the UK the Blair Govt proposed introducing identity cards in the UK, but they were finally rejected in 2010
  • Governments cannot subsidise workers’ salaries indefinitely, so how long before we see an app that can be downloaded on mobile phones to confirm if an individual has been tested and found they have covid-19 antibodies. The UK government has reportedly already purchased 5 million antibody testing kits that will check your blood. Therefore, not at risk of being re-infected or being a super spreader. This would then these citizens to go back to work and potentially travel internationally.
  • Such data could be held on a public Blockchain and accessible globally
  • Estonia already use Blockchain technology for its ID card
  • In desperate times could we therefore see some form of global identity card being embraced or even enforced in some of the countries that currently have no national identity card.
  • One of the concerns is that we may see a second wave of coronavirus sweeping across the world. Indeed, the Guardian newspaper, in the UK, is already reporting that Japan and Hong Kong are worried about coronavirus returning. If employers, police, custom officers could check if someone had covid-19 antibodies it potentially would enable those citizens to freely travel and go back to work.

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