Is Friday or Monday the Most Profitable Day for ETH Investors?

The following ETH interactive chart provides a unique view into ETH trading patterns. The chart is designed to ask some interesting questions. If I am going to gamble whether ETH will gain or lose tomorrow what is my chance? Is Friday or Monday the most profitable day for investors or is there a better day to take a long term position? Is spring better than winter to invest? Can you find the outliers? When did the outliers occur?

A link to the ETH interactive chart is [located here] and the screenshot is below:

Using charts and indicators may work quite well when targeting entry points for position plays or quick day trades. In either case, some day you might want to learn how to short other cryptos while positioning in for the long term with ETH. Happy trading fellow ETH’ers!

Disclaimer: My fund currently holds ETH, QNT, VXV, COV, ADA and XMR