Is Artificial Intelligence a bubble?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) will change the world, but is it another economic bubble?

Just like the dot-com bubble.

The Internet has totally changed how we live, how we work and how we interact with each other. It is far from a bubble for all the netizens, the web developers and you reading this article via Medium. However, the dot-com bubble was real for all the investors who splashed out their savings and gained no return, but rather a huge loss.

Bubbles are not fake, it’s just expanding too fast.

Too Much Attention without Proper Understanding

Too much attention without proper understanding, the blueprint can easily be exaggerated yet attractive for investors. Hot topics with success stories and black magic with interpreting difficulties are extremely tempting for petty trick players as well as herd-behaving investors.

Spring up Startups without Worthy Value

90% startups doing AI are doing nothing. There are, for sure, plenty of tech companies with amazing and impactful AI utilizations. However, set aside these trophies, and an astonishing number of startups or even corporations are claiming AI with pure fluff.

Everyone Wants to DIY

From clothing brands to marketing agencies, lots of companies start building an in-house data science team just “to be involved”. It’s definitely a good thing to adopt new ideas and react quickly, but it would require huge investments and quite a long time to build an end-to-end solution from scratch.

Just like the dot-com bubble.

Artificial Intelligence will once again change the way how we live, how we work and how we interact with each other.

Relevant skills will still be in high demand. Those AI developers just need to work in different companies that survive the AI bubble. Just like those experienced web developers and server architects in the early 21st century after the dot-com bubble.

Artificial Intelligence is an economic bubble, not a technology bubble. 
It will change the world just like the dot-com bubble.