Key Skills Of Story Telling With Data

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While i was working on storytelling with data. An idea was struck in my mind which depicts why not share the key skills of Storytelling i am not going waste time constantly repeating all these definitions we have. So let’s start without wasting any time.

Story Telling

Question + data = Story

Both the question and data will play an equal key role in telling a story.

Without the question or the data it doesn’t make any sense to visualize insights.


Context is the main formula for data visualization because it combines both the data + questions = tell story.

WHO WHAT and HOW are the 3 most important aspects of data visualization.

WHO : to whom you are explaining the problem ex: managers, team members , any person you need to report etc….

what : what is the problem you are addressing.

How : how you are going to address the problem which includes solving through data visualization, comparison of results.

recommendations : you need to submit recommendations or your point of view as your final task.

pro tip : Data visualization doesn’t mean you need to just take the data and start visualizing it.
First you need to take a pen and a paper and write the context or the plan of analysis to implement.
After this you can visualize and finally explain a detailed story by extracting insights from the data to make good Decisions.

Hope you enjoyed the story peace out.