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King Arthur recognized the value of more then one voice.

Muezzin … Will our online world change from what we know today?

John Cole
John Cole
Aug 12, 2018 · 3 min read

What if more people could be financially rewarded for sharing? What if anyone could easily build more constructive connections? What if all of us could discover and enjoy others who value the same interests more closely? What if we could discover other types of interests in our hometown? What if all those Internet trolls could be held accountable?

Who really knows what might evolve in the years to come. Culture changes all the time, and with those changes, attitudes demanding different means to resolve issues. What is to come? Will today’s emoji obsession be replaced by 3-D jumping kangaroos? Or, will we decide to bail on the fast and furious, returning to more sedate lifestyles, rejecting today’s toys with more appreciation of the written word?

Needs change, and with them survival techniques. For today’s tweens, punching screens is real. Behaviors are closely watched by market observers, resulting in constant tweaks in services, some disruptive, some, well, just tweaks.

We really cannot expect answers to today’s issues to remain the same … after all, this is why teenagers were invented: to drive us older types crazy. For some of us observers, we become very challenged meeting needs being lighted up by younger generations.

The “Lean Startup” programs for businesses are particularly valuable in helping define demands through constant market interviews. There are times it takes more, to reach beyond less experienced interviewees. It takes vision, with the ability to connect fuzzy dots. The kind of dots, a less experienced market may never see while being overwhelmed by the present.

What will the future Internet provide? That is the marvel of it. The challenge of the future. One thing for sure, issues remain, with answers dawning everyday. As it was with the invention of the Stanley Steamer, self-driving cars will likely be in our future. The Internet is still in it’s infancy with plenty of issues to resolve well beyond today’s security problems. There’s a cadre of generations lining up to answer issues we presently cannot guess.

Make no assumptions, except this, change is a constant. Problems, or as we in the startup arenas refer to as pain, always rise. A big pain today is the growing gap between those who have, and those who don’t. A great deal of the cause is the fact that too few are controlling too much. The result is less economic diversity. The Internet, if employed correctly, can change that reality by providing more channels to more individuals. For now, big has become bigger, controlling more aspects of everyday life then anyone of us can imagine. Do we give in? Or, do we make changes where changes can be most influential?

My answer to the issue of economic disparity exists in providing a better table to sit at, where all the seats around the table are easily filled with a minimal investment of time only.

Welcome to “Interest Media” filtered by region.

John Cole,

Muezbiz is a startup. All new members joining are forwarded to Santa Fe Folk/Americana conversation time line. Defaults can be changed at any time via the Preference menu under member’s name at top. “Meet local friends in musical conversations. Make money sharing the music you love.”

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