My Biggest Lesson As An Entrepreneur Came From Entering a Market I Didn’t Know Existed. Here’s How It Happened

Fahim Saleh
Oct 16, 2018 · 4 min read
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Instead, you may just need to look for a market elsewhere in the world.

When I started researching business opportunities in Bangladesh, I wasn’t focused on the motorcycle taxi industry.

I wasn’t sure whether we’d be able to make the case for motorcycle taxis to Bangladeshis.

After seeing Pathao’s success, my team at Adventure Capital and I are developing other motorcycle taxi services in countries like Colombia and Nigeria.

When I met that influential investor, I had no idea that the motorcycle taxi market existed.

After Gokada, I also invested in a Colombian motorcycle taxi service called Picap, which presented its own regulatory challenges.

This created a serious challenge for Picap — if they didn’t address the issue somehow, they’d either end up turning away multitudes of customers, or breaking the law.

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