My Top 5 Recommended Places to Learn about Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Continuing on my #100DaysOfMLCode, these are some of the courses I’m following and recommend if you are interested in learning ML and DL.

One of the most stunning statistics in the area of Machine Learning (ML) was released by Tractica. According to the company, ML will grow from its $1.4 billon value as at 2016 to $59.8 billion by 2025.

That is some massive growth to be recorded in just under ten years. The interesting thing is, not many are taking advantage of this market yet. In fact, Kaggle believes just 4.5% of self-reported scientists/ data researchers do any work closely related to ML engineering.

If that means anything, it is that the market is very accommodating at this stage. If you would also like to get in on this budding sector, here are the top places you might want to learn at.


One of the things I love the most about Fast.AI is how they have made their machine learning and deep learning courses free for all. Fast.AI offer one Machine Learning course and two Deep Learning courses, in all of them they have also ensured that all of these courses have no ads. This gives you the best learning experience, allows you concentrate and doesn’t even require you to pay a dime.

Before you conclude that ‘free is not always great,’ you might want to check out one of the brains behind the platform (and courses). In the person of Jeremy Howard, he is well known to have been part of the Kaggle team. Trust me when I say there are only a couple more people who can understand ML better.


Google, via its developers’ forum, also runs a course in the ML niche. Dubbed ‘Google’s Introduction to Machine Learning,’ this is one of the most extensive beginner courses you could access on the internet.

Google gives you free access to everything you need to know, right from the introductory elements to the embeddings of ML. In fact, they also offer some real-world examples of where ML can be applied to make the course even more practical.

Deep Learning.AI

Dr. Andrew Ng is yet another authority in the AI and ML fields. He brings this expertise to the fore by crafting a unique course to take interested learners through the ropes on DL.

The course he offers on his platforms promise to teach you everything you need to do with artificial intelligence — develop algorithms or build a company. Beyond that, the course content prides itself in not just teaching you how to write algorithms, but making them work.

School of AI — Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval has been in the tech scene for a while now and has tried his hands at just about everything. Now with ML, he teaches a 10-week Reinforcement Learning course (called ‘Move 37’) over at, and its free too. One thing that should be noted about his approach is that they might be better suited to a slightly advanced set of learners.

Even though the courses can be taken by beginners too, they will need foreknowledge in the field to fully comprehend Raval’s approach.

Open Machine Learning Course

The guys over at OpenDataScience have made the concept of machine learning so likeable and easy to follow.

The course is organized into a regularized admittance-basis program, allowing standards to be better put in place. They also balance the theory with practicals by giving out assignments at the end of each module.

While the courses here are totally beginner-friendly, you are expected to have some knowledge of maths and python coding, at least, before you enroll.

Those are my top 5 places to learn Machine Learning in all its glory right now. If you are concerned about getting quality information from experienced providers, that is. Got any other amazing platform that wasn’t mentioned here? Do share with me in the comments.